A Faith Afloat - Gibraltar Mission To C Of E

Rev Andrew Jacobson is spending his last week as Assistant Chaplain at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Gibraltar and Port Chaplain there – and is sharing his experiences widely across the Church of England, thanks to a scheme which allows people across the dioceses to use Twitter to share their faith and work.

Today’s 140 character messages from Andrew tell of some routine events and a more challenging encounter. Start following @OurCofE on Twitter and pray for Andrew and his wife as they prepare for a new ministry in England.

Here’s today’s story:-

“Two cruise liners in today. Port launch booked will arrive in 20 mins. Time to enjoy some sunshine as I wait. Quick visit to cathedral charity shop to see my wife and 94 year old Olga.”

Then comes the drama

“I'm getting too old to be shinning up 9m ship's ladders. The guys in the port launch watch on in case I fall! The vessel and her sister vessel have been arrested because of difficulties paying for bunkering in Gibraltar.

“The 16 man crew are all Turkish and were pleased to see me. All their contracts had expired and they just want to go home. The crew said that they were very frustrated. Tensions had reached boiling point and there had been a fight. Three crew had been removed. The ship's security officer said: "I cannot overemphasise how important your visit has been for the crew"

“Unable to visit the sister ship because the sea is getting choppy in the bay and it would be dangerous for me to climb the ladder. As a chaplain, I listen - the crew need to vent their frustrations. The ship's security officer - a local has done much to reassure them.”