A Little Learning Helps Swiss Church’s Charity Giving

What started as a one-off charity fundraiser in a local auberge seems to have become an annual tradition for the La Côte Anglican Church which serves the region between Geneva and Lausanne and across the border into neighbouring France. The first charity quiz was held in early 2007 and proved so popular that three more had taken place by the end of 2008, all in different locations. After that the La Côte quiz settled into a regular annual pattern, with the 10th edition on 15 November 2014 in the community hall of the vine-clad village of Coinsins.

Fourteen six-person teams with inspiring names such as La Côte Hangers”, “Bright Sparks”, “Culture Vulturesand “Pointless” tackled 10 rounds of 10 questions designed to tax the most encyclopedic of memories. The groups of budding masterminds pitted their wits against each other as they faced questions ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous and the obvious to the obscure. The picture questions, which included the train to Machu Picchu and a memorial to Genghis Khan, were popular as usual. So too were the soundbites snippets of songs ranging from Paul Robeson to Taylor Swift and from Frankie Laine (Rawhide”) to Lady Gaga – which usually ended with everyone singing along.

La Côtes tenth quiz happened to coincide with a couple of birthdays of one of the younger members of our congregation and one of the more mature cakes were provided and Happy Birthdaywas sung. We even had a round of questions on birthdays, which revealed that Jimmy Choo and Petula Clark celebrated theirs on the same day.

Funds from quiz tickets and refreshments amounted to over 2800 Swiss francs, and this money will go to the Christian Aid Afghanistan community project, which La Côte has committed to support to the amount of £5000 over the period 2013−2015.

The Anglican community between Holy Trinity, Geneva, and Christchurch, Lausanne, is loosely based on the picturesque town of Nyon (the Romans built it as Noviodunum, or New Fort). As we have no Anglican church building to give a name to, the chaplaincy is known simply as La Côte (the traditional name of this area on the shores of Lake Geneva). We hold weekly services in the Swiss Reformed church in the village of Gingins, and twice a month in the French Reformed church of Divonne-les-Bains just across the French border. Our December 2014 Jazz Carolsevening will be held in the Roman Catholic Chuch in Nyon, and other chaplaincy events, like the quiz, take place in different locations around the area.

Information and pictures from Liz Bramley, Churchwarden