Porto Welcomes A New Reader

On Sunday 7 December the Archdeacon of Gibraltar, the Venerable Geoffrey Johnston admitted Judith Murray to the office of Reader and Licensed her to serve in the Chaplaincy of St James' Porto, Portugal.

When Judith had completed her studying and Fr Bob Bates became the new Priest in Charge at St James' he was delighted to recommend that she be able to exercise her ministry there alongside him.

It was a very joyous occasion, with some of Judith's musician friends making up a small ensemble and choir. After the service there was a lunch in the parish room known as the Well House where Judith was presented with a basket of flowers and a special message and gift from her daughter in Canada, who could not be present.

Before leaving Porto, the Archdeacon and his wife Carol together with Fr Bob and his wife, Diane, made a visit to one of the traditional industrial concerns upon which the British congregation in the city was founded and still exists today.