Christmas Links To The East In Eindhoven

Information from Jan Waterschoot, Reader in Eindhoven

Trinity Church Eindhoven has many cell groups, one of the largest of which is the Indian Cell Group, a very active prayer cell gathering members from all over India.

The Indian Cell Group has a heart for Mission and Outreach. They support not only their own individual members whenever needed but do that beyond their cell group as well, within our church and outside, for example: they have their own (children’s) choir and go to rest homes to sing for the people.

During the Christmas period for the second time they reached out to their (non-Christian) fellow countrymen in the region to share with them the Hope, Love, Joy and Peace of Advent and Christmas. They put together a two-hour program of carol singing, a children’s Christmas play, a mime performed by adults about the Miracles of the Lord and a dance involving the whole congregation.

Our Pastor, Francis Noordanus, gave a short message and the gathering was concluded with a time of Fellowship and a wonderful Indian meal. About a hundred guests enjoyed the program and the meal. They were also offered the opportunity of prayer individually or together and complementary Bibles were available. Evangelism was not the first goal of the meeting but it definitely offered the Holy Spirit room to go around!