Norway’s Moving (literally) Act Of Unity

The forthcoming issue of our diocesan magazine The European Anglican will include a round-up of some of the services to mark the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

The Venerable Brian Russell reports that in the Norwegian capital of Oslo 90 people found a unique – and literally very moving - way of praying for Christian unity. 

“One service was held in four parts in four places with a torch-lit procession of singing between each  of the neighbouring churches.  The four churches were St Olaf's Roman Catholic Church, Holy Trinity Church of Norway, St Margareta Church of Sweden and St Edmund's Anglican Chaplaincy.  All the clergy of the churches led the service with the help of church choirs and musicians.   The Roman Catholic Bishop of Oslo attended and the Swedish Bishop of Visby (responsible for Swedish churches outside Sweden) gave a blessing in St Edmund's Church before the reception in the crypt.

"The theme of the service was the living water of Christ whose Grace is given to all in the common sacrament of baptism. All agreed that this must become an annual event and a basis for deepening relationships."