Follow Our Synod Reps In A Busy Few Days

The General Synod of the Church of England is meeting in London this week and the diocesan team, Bishop Robert, Rev Debbie Flach, Rev Brian Llewellyn, Ann Turner and Madeleine Holmes will be following the issues, debates and decisions.

This group of sessions is not as high profile as recent meetings with the major issues of women bishops hitting the headlines but there is a lot of business to be done.

You can follow the news from the all the sessions here


and, in addition to updates through the week, we hope to update this site with their observations and comments from our delegates.

Formally this will be their penultimate attendance at these Synods. After the July meetings in York , Synod will be dissiolved and a new body elected for the next four years (although, of course, Bishop Robert does not need to stand for election. He is automatically a member as a Diocesan Bishop!).

Please pray for wisdom for our Synod representatives.