An Event “in Tune” With God’s Spirit

Stuttgart dedication

Bishop David was in Stuttgart, Germany for the Pentecost celebrations which included the dedication of a renovated church organ. Rev Kenneth Dimmick, Priest-in-charge of St Catherine’s, commented in his weekly newsletter that the two events needed to be seen in their context. He wrote:- “Thanks be to God that the same Holy Spirit we concentrate on in our Pentecost Feast Day, has given the vision, the power, the generosity, the perseverance, the ability, and the patient "long-suffering" to see this day arrive.

“I would encourage all to shift the focus a bit, from the organ as a thing, to the Holy Spirit, through Whom the organ now comes to be in the Katharinenkirche.  It is a joyous thing for Christians to see unfolding before them, the wonderful works of the Holy Spirit.  It is a wonderful thing for Christians to be able to gather together through the Holy Spirit, to praise God Almighty for such a long and interconnected series of events and personalities.  It, surely must be through God that all this is accomplished.  To God, therefore, be the glory! To God be the praise!  Alleluia, Alleluia.”  

Ken Dimmick

Fr Ken went on to pay tribute to a lawyer who is a frequent visitor to the parish who revealed his great love for organ music. He embraced the project wholeheartedly and did great work for us that only a lawyer could do... pro bono!  

A long standing member of the congregation used her skills as a harpist to encourage musical friends to organize a fund raiser featuring Irish Music and Whisky Tasting  “How wonderful that a long time ago and far away she decided to study the harp, probably never thinking that it would be a thing of ministry for a church in Germany!”

He concluded “I believe it is right, to thank God for the many people whose works, talents, ideas, and sweat has brought all this to pass and for me to thank them through thanking the God who has put them each in the right place at the right time to do the right things in the right way.”