Discipleship Discussions For Synod Members

In the second of his addresses to Diocesan Synod about the challenge of discipleship, Bishop Tim continued to share his ideas and experiences.

He highlighted Communication as a possible obstacle to sharing the Gospel, reflecting on church culture and language and that found in the rest of life.

He then set a challenge in group work (pictures of the “buzz groups” in action) to compile a tabloid newspaper headline in no more than 20 words, summarizing what the Gospel is about.

Some of the results from the groups were:-

  • Lost your way? Looking for truth? Dare to take a risk? Live life on the edge with God
  • Centurion claims executed criminal was God’s son on mission of love. Story not over. Disciples continue to infiltrate British institutions.
  • Good News!!! LOVE, LIFE, DEATH, We have an App for that (picture of Bible) Click here!
  • Because of His love for us. God sacrificed His own son. We should love others in walking with Jesus.
  • Chillax with an OK life. Get a hold on who you are and what it’s about. Meet God!

Bishop Tim reflected on the ideas and underlined the need for our meaningful communication of the Gospel to be backed up in daily life.

His two talks were given a warm reception and, no doubt, Synod members will be taking the message back to local churches.