A Happier Story From Brussels

In a week when the Belgian capital is in virtual lockdown it was heartening to receive this from Canon John Wilkinson at Holy Trinity, Brussels (HTB):-

Holy Trinity Brussels was honoured to host its first “Community Dinner” on October 24. 2015 with help from Service the City, a local NGO that matches volunteers with social service centres. That evening, residents from two main centres in Brussels, SamuSocial Gudelle, an emergency shelter for families and children in need, and Foyer Selah, an asylum seeker center run by the Salvation Army, joined HTB and Serve the City volunteers for an evening of wonderful food and fun. Each shelter brought about 30 participants to the dinner and this number included a large group of children! Participants were from all corners of the globe and included Serbians, Iraqis, Syrians, Somalians, Congolese and Nigerians... just to name a few of the nationalities represented!

Throughout the night, the children were able to play with the many toys donated by a local company, have their faces painted, and play games with some of the other children’s team volunteers! It was truly a joy to see all of the children having such a fun time and acting like proper kids! 

While the kids played, the adults were able to relax, eat with their friends and enjoy an incredible night of dancing. Participants were able to dance to songs from their homelands as our volunteer DJs had prepared a large playlist of popular songs from different areas of the world and took so many song requests throughout the night! It was amazing to see the faces of our participants light up when a song came on that they recognized from their home country! We were also treated to several performances during the dinner from participants who sang, read poems and preformed spoken word monologues. HTB is blessed by so many who volunteered at this event and looks forward to conducting similar ones in the future!