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Members of Bishop's Council

The Bishop's Council is the standing committee of the Diocesan Synod, and the main strategic body for the Diocese in Europe. The council receives progress reports and approves strategic plans from the diocesan administration, advises the Bishop on direction and policy, and approves the agenda for Diocesan Synod. Bishop's Council consists of both Bishops, all Archdeacons and the Dean of Gibraltar Cathedral. It also elects members of Diocesan Synod (a larger body) to this Council. Meetings are normally held in October each year. Current members are:

Mr David Bean

Mrs Joan Berry

The Revd Dr Frank Hegedus

Mrs Miranda Kopetzky

The Revd Anne Lowen

Mr Nigel Rowley

Mrs Mary Talbot

Mr Paul Tillbrook

Mrs Ann Turner

The Revd Canon Simon Tyndall

The Revd David Waller


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