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Members of Diocesan Synod

The Church of England has a parliamentary system of representation called a synod. The highest ranking of these is General Synod, and within our diocese we have Diocesan Synod and Archdeaconry Synods.

Diocesan Synod meets to:

  • Consider matters concerning the Church of England
  • Make provision for these matters in relation to the Diocese
  • Consider and express an opinion on matters of religious or public interest
  • Advise the Bishop on matters on which he may consult Synod
  • Consider and express an opinion on any matters referred to it by the General Synod
  • Discussing matters raised by the Archdeaconry Synods
  • Act as the Diocesan Board of Finance

Diocesan Synod last met in May 2018. The notes are available here.


Members are elected every three years. They meet with the Bishops, Archdeacons and the Dean of Gibraltar Cathedral in a residential Synod which normally meets once a year, usually in late May or early June. Current members are:


Mr David Bean

Mrs Joan Berry

The Revd Canon Simon Godfrey

The Revd Canon Andrew Gready

The Revd Dr Frank Hegedus

The Revd Peter Jackson

The Rt Revd Jana Jeruma-Grinberga

Mrs Miranda Kopetzky

The Revd Anne Lowen

The Revd William Ormrod

Mr Nigel Rowley

Mrs Mary Talbot

Mr Paul Tillbrook

Mrs Ann Turner

The Revd Canon Simon Tyndall

The Revd David Waller

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