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Spiritual Directors

Spiritual direction is a way of meeting with someone - a spiritual director or companion - to share our thoughts and reflections about our faith, and to consider how these may connect with every part of our daily life. The variety of terms used are sometimes confusing: spiritual director, spiritual companion, soul-friend, prayer guide. But they are essentially about the same thing, having someone who will walk with us on our Christian journey.


Who might value having a spiritual director?

Anyone! Or at least, anyone who simply wishes to take their Christian journey, and their growing in faith, seriously. Increasingly, lay people as well as clergy are finding the value of having a spiritual director.

The idea of spiritual direction is rooted in the reality of the Christian journey as a corporate one, a journey in which we travel with others, supporting and encouraging one another on the way. We mostly find this support and encouragement through our usual pattern of meeting for worship, meeting in small groups, and in individual encounters with friends and others.

Finding a spiritual director

Finding and choosing a spiritual director is a very personal matter. Perhaps the first thing to do is to consider what it is that you want from spiritual direction, and then what kind of person you might look for. Does it matter, for example, if the person is a man or woman, clergy or lay? Is there some other consideration that is important to you?

You might be able to find a spiritual director by talking to your local priest, or to someone else you know. Alternatively, there are a number of people in the diocese who are available to offer spiritual direction, and who can be contacted through the Ministry Team Administrator, Pauline Williams.

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