4.4 References

If every reasonable attempt has been made to obtain a vetting check but it has not been possible to obtain one, the Safeguarding Officer will need to follow the steps below in order to obtain appropriate safeguarding references in lieu of a vetting check.

  1. Ask the applicant for the name, email address and contact telephone number of someone who knew them well during the time they were in the country and who would be willing to provide a character safeguarding reference.
  2. Send the Safeguarding Reference Form to the referee, ask them to complete it and return it to the Chaplaincy.
  3. Once the form has been received from the referee, contact the referee by telephone and cross-check two or three of their answers for verification purposes.
  4. Remember – this is in place of a vetting check so the more information that can be obtained the better. The Safeguarding Officer will need to satisfy themselves that as far as possible there was no bad conduct by the person during the time they were in that country.
  5. Complete an Exemption Form evidencing the steps taken to obtain a vetting check and outlining the results of the safeguarding references sought.
  6. The Exemption Form will then need to be signed off by the Safeguarding Officer and the Chaplain (or Incumbent).

If the applicant no longer knows anyone who knew them during their time in that country, two personal references should be sought from:

  1. A current employer or previous church.
  2. A current personal contact.

The referees can be the same as those sought during the Safer Recruitment process, but the Safeguarding Reference Form must be used.

Please note that the exemption and safeguarding reference process should only be used as a last resort.

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