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4.6 Step by Step Guide for Issuing Exemptions

Step 1

In the first instance the Safeguarding Officer should check the UK and the Canadian Government Websites to see if there are any other levels of vetting check available.

Step 2

The Safeguarding Officer should also check the Unobtainable Vetting Checks List.

Step 3

If the Safeguarding Officer is satisfied that:

  1. The vetting check in question is listed as being unobtainable; or,
  2. The applicant has made every reasonable attempt to obtain a vetting check but has been unable to do so;

then the Safeguarding Officer should follow the process in Section 4.4 for obtaining safeguarding references.

Step 4

Once the reference process has been completed, the Safeguarding Officer should complete the Exemption Form with all of the appropriate evidence.

Step 5

The Safeguarding Officer should sign off the Exemption Form together with the Chaplain (or Incumbent).

Step 6

All exemptions should be recorded in the comments section of the Chaplaincy Safeguarding Log. (see Figure 2 below)

Figure 2:

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