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Diocesan Handbook

Supplement 9: Administrative Materials

1 The following are sent from the Diocesan Office annually in November:

  • Annual Review of Stipend (Stipendiary Clergy only)
  • Chaplaincy Council Officers’ Return
  • Churchwarden’s Declaration and Certificate of Admission
  • Child Protection Declaration

2  The following are available on request to the Diocese Office (or the diocesan website):

  • Application for the Bishop’s permission to invite assistance with the distribution of Holy Communion.
  • Application for Holy Communion before Confirmation
  • Application for Reception in to the Church of England
  • Application for a Bishop’s Licence for the Solemnization of Matrimony
  • Application for a Bishop’s Permission for a Service of Prayer and Blessing after Marriage
  • Application for Bishop’s Permission under the Ecumenical Canons
  • Electoral Roll forms (see model in Supplement 3)
  • Recommended forms of words for wills and bequests
  • Forms in respect of making Gift Aid donations
  • Advice for Treasurers
  • Bishop's Permission to Assist in the Distribution of the Holy Communion

3  The following have a particular relevance to the appointment of chaplains / priests-in-charge:

  • Checklists to assist Chaplaincy Councils
  • Guide to interview procedures
  • Application for the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Permission to Officiate under the Overseas and Other Clergy (Ministry and Ordination) Measure 1967

4  The following have a particular relevance to provisions for locum priests:

  • Guide to Locum Opportunities in the Diocese
  • Application form to become a locum priest and application for the Bishop’s Permission to Officiate
  • Locum Guidelines

5  Friends of the Diocese in Europe:

  • Application form to join the Friends (also acts as subscription to The European Anglican.
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