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Readers are called to serve the Church of God and to work together with clergy and other ministers. They are to lead public worship, to preach and teach the word of God, to assist at the eucharist and to share in pastoral and evangelistic work.

As authorised lay ministers, they are to encourage the ministries of God’s people, as the Spirit distributes gifts among us all. They are called to help the whole Church to participate in God’s mission to the world.

The Diocesan Director of Reader Ministry is Celia Paterson.

Curious about Reader ministry? Take a look at these short videos, in which lay people describe their journey to become Readers and what the role means in the Chaplaincies across Europe.

Readers Handbook

Download the New Reader Handbook (August 2021)

The New Reader Handbook

Reader Ministry is a key part of ministry in the Diocese in Europe and is a wonderful way to serve God in the context of our chaplaincies.

The Reader Handbook has been updated and expanded and includes details of the new training programme. This is not only only for those interested in following their calling to become a Reader but also for those already licensed. It is also an important resource for Chaplains as they encourage vocations to this valued ministry.

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