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What We Do

We are a mission-shaped diocese - a network of Christian communities and congregations serving Anglicans and other English-speaking Christians across an enormous geographical area.

We minister in a myriad of situations, in most of which the Church of England has scarcely been heard of, questions of establishment scarcely arise, civic links may take a very different form, and de­nomi­na­tional identity is often much less important than the language of worship. We too are facing questions of identity, organisation and mainte­nance; but we do so in a very different context from that of the other 41 Dioceses in the Church of England.

The Diocese in Europe is made up of churches and congregations (often referred to as 'chaplaincies') spread across forty-two countries on three continents, and covering one sixth of the earth’s land surface. And yet, this is a Diocese of the Church of England.

Services are held more or less frequently at over 280 places. You can search for one of our chaplaincies here. The people of the Diocese are served by around 170 clergy and over 100 readers. Vocations are strong in the Diocese, but most of our clergy and many of our readers come into the Diocese from other parts of the Church of England or the Anglican Communion.

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