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The Diocesan youth section is responsible for the development and support of youth ministry across the church. It is our prayer that, as a body of believers, we will see young people being built up to serve God’s kingdom in Europe and beyond.

Youth Network

In partnership with ICS the Diocese in Europe is building a network for anyone involved with youth work. Whether you are an employed youth worker, a volunteer, a chaplain or some who wants to see youth work develop or started in your chaplaincy then we would love to connect with you, encourage you and equip you.

Here is how you can be connected.

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Network Events

2nd March, 8pm CET, on Zoom

What have we learnt from Zoom and how can we use it in the future?

email for link details


Implementing Godly PlaySeptember – Building a Youth Curriculum


Youth work Q&A with a panel of practitioners.

We would like to know what topics you would like us to address as we plan for the future. Please send your suggestions to or any of the Youth Network Leadership team Caireen Stewart, Celia Paterson, Mary Talbot, Nathan Gregory & Paul Vrolijk.

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