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Diocesan Profile

Welcome to the Diocese in Europe! We are geographically by far the largest diocese of the Church of England. We have almost 300 congregations in over 40 countries across Europe plus Turkey, Morocco and Russia.

English churches and congregations have been established on the European continent since before the Reformation. The Diocese in Europe was created in 1980, combining the Diocese of Gibraltar in the south with the chaplaincies in the north under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Fulham on behalf of the Bishop of London. The cathedral remains in Gibraltar, with pro-cathedrals in Malta and Brussels. The diocesan office is in London, but I live and work in Brussels.

From my base there, I have the privilege of leading our talented clergy and lay people in mission in capital cities, small towns and holiday areas across the continent. Our diocese encompasses extraordinary diversity and our ministry happens within a gloriously cosmopolitan area of young people, older people, diplomats, business people and refugees.

Being the Church of England outside of England comes with some quirks. One obvious one you may notice on this website is the use of ‘chaplaincy’. In the Diocese in Europe, our church communities are often called ‘chaplaincies’ and their clergy ‘chaplains’. We have a unique position and we minister to those many people in Europe who have English as either a first or second language. Being both ‘Catholic’ and ‘Reformed’, we bridge the Reformation divide. We sustain a huge range of ecumenical relationships. We embody some particular charisms like humanity, breadth and a godly tolerance. We serve many who are away from home, and we have a particular care for migrants. And, importantly, we link Britain with Europe.

From The Rt Revd Dr Robert Innes, Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe