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A cathedral serves its community as the mother church of a diocese and the seat of the Bishop. Many cathedrals are physical and cultural landmarks making great contributions to the spiritual life, historic environment and social and economic activity of their local areas. Most importantly, cathedrals offer a presence for the worship of God.

Our cathedral is in Gibraltar, but our diocese also has two 'pro-cathedrals'. These churches also serve as seats for the Bishop and carry out some of the work of a cathedral. These pro-cathedrals are located in Brussels and Malta.

Below can be found information about each of these 3 churches, and contact details for their clergy. Traditionally, the senior clergyperson responsible for the running of the cathedral is called the Dean, and the same role for the pro-cathedrals is called the Chancellor.


The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Gibraltar

Building of Holy Trinity Church began in 1825 and finished seven years later. In 1842 it was raised to Cathedral status with the creation of the Diocese of Gibraltar, which then included all Anglican chaplaincies from Portugal to the Caspian Sea.

The Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe, to give our diocese its full title, was inaugurated at a service in this Cathedral in January 1981, in the presence of the Governor of Gibraltar at the time, General Sir William Jackson, and the Diocesan Bishop, John Satterthwaithe. The new diocese included the former Diocese of Gibraltar, together with the former Jurisdiction of North and Central Europe – churches under the oversight of the Bishop of Fulham in London.

A stone from Coventry Cathedral in England, which was ruined in the Second World War blitz and is now famous for its ministry of reconciliation, is let into the wall behind the baptismal font. It is a small stone with a cross.

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The Dean & Chaplain                                                                     

The Revd Canon Ian Tarrant (Installed as Dean on 13 October 2020)

T: 00350 2007 8377          Website:

Canon Theologian                                                                                                 

The Revd Canon Professor Robin Gill

T: 00350 2006 7563          E:


The Pro-cathedral of Holy Trinity, Brussels

Christ Church is the original name of Holy Trinity Brussels, which was formed in 1958 by the amalgamation of two congregations in the city – Christ Church and the Church of the Resurrection. Before these two churches were built, a number of Anglican congregations worshipped in buildings which are now demolished or used for other purposes. Most of these can still be seen and are only a short walk from Holy Trinity Brussels. 

Today Brussels is a centre for European politics and Holy Trinity Brussels acts as a Pro-Cathedral for the Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe. Its working chapter includes the three canons (listed below), lay readers, a children’s worker, an outreach worker, national prison chaplains, the bishop’s attaché to the EU, a CEMES intern and the President (who is also Canon Theologian) and Secretary of the Central Committee of the Anglican Church in Belgium. Located in the heart of an undoubtedly multicultural city, it has a varied congregation of people from across the world and welcomes new arrivals and long-time residents alike. In particular, the church is a spiritual home for many professionals working for the European Institutions & for non-governmental organizations.

Holy Trinity Brussels planted All Saints’ Church in Waterloo in 1981. This became a member church of the American Convocation of Churches in 1991. A further church, St Paul’s Tervuren in Vossem, was planted jointly by Holy Trinity Brussels and All Saints’ Waterloo in December 1988, granted sister status in February 1990 and full independence in May 1994.

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Canon Chancellor & Senior Chaplain                                                               

The Ven Dr Paul Vrolijk

T: 0032 2511 7183            E:

Canon Pastor & Associate Chaplain                                                                 

The Revd Canon John Wilkinson

T: 0032  2511 7183           E:

Canon Theologian & Associate Chaplain                                                         

The Revd Canon Prof Jack McDonald



The Pro-cathedral of St Paul, Valletta

The Anglican Pro-Cathedral of St Paul is situated in Independence Square. Built in the neo-classical style, the spire is a Valletta landmark, rising to over 60 metres. It is built on the spot where the Auberge d’Allemagne (the conventual home of the German Knights Hospitaller) had stood. Queen Adelaide, wife of King William IV of the United Kingdom, paid for the church and laid the foundation stone on 20th March 1839. Her banner still hangs in the church above the choir stalls.

The dedication of the Church to St Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles, was a reminder of the first Christian missionary to Malta, when he was shipwrecked on the island in AD 59/60. St Paul is considered to be the spiritual father of the Maltese. His shipwreck recorded in the Bible (Acts 27:27-28:10). His subsequent stay of three months brought the Christian message to the islands and is popularly regarded as one of the great events in the Nation’s history.

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Canon Chancellor & Chaplain                                                                                          

The Revd Canon Simon Godfrey

T: 0035 7991 3521             E:

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