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Prayer Diary

This diary has been compiled to help us pray together for one another and our common concerns. The current section of diary shown below and that for the following months is available for download in PDF form here.




Wednesday 25

Ibiza and Formentera: (Includes Sant Rafael, Santa Eulàlia, Jesús, Es Caná, Formentera) Chaplain: Adrian Green.  Pray that our planned celebrations for the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth would help us connect with those on these islands that don't regularly attend church.  Pray as we prepare to welcome tourists back to Ibiza; that we would find meaningful ways of engaging with those that holiday here and that Christians that are employed in the tourism industry would still manage to find time to connect with God, despite demanding work schedules.

Thursday 26 (Ascension Day)

Amsterdam: (Includes Amsterdam City Centre, Amsterdam Zuidoost, Amsterdam South) Chaplain: Vacancy, Interim Minister (City Centre): Kerry Buttram. Pray for the new chaplain on arrival to settle well into ministry in the chaplaincy and to motivate its mission and outreach.

Amsterdam Community OZ100: Priest: Rik Florentinus.

Heiloo: Chaplain: To be announced

Schiphol Airport: Mark Hafkenscheid and the chaplains’ ministry team.

Friday 27

Venice: (Also serves Aviano, Trieste) Chaplain:Vacant. Pray for the provision of priestly ministry within the chaplaincy after the departure of the Rev’d Canon Malcolm Bradshaw, the Churchwardens, David Newbold and Geraldine Ludbrook caring for the chaplaincy during the inter-regnum, the Rev’d Castro Adieabah, an Anglican priest from Ghana, undertaking a three year course on Anglican/ Roman Catholic relations at the Franciscan Ecumenical Institute in Venice and the economic recovery of Venice severely hit by the lack of tourists during the pandemic.

Saturday 28

The Touraine: (Includes Savigny-en-Veron, Tours) Chaplain: John Neal.

The Vendée: (Also serves Puy de Serre, La Chapelle Palluau) Chaplain: Hazel Door, Reader: John Matthews. Pray for all those who have attended our Lent groups.

Sunday 29

Pray for the Church of Norway and we give thanks for our local cooperation in ministry as part of the Poovoo Communion.  Give thanks and pray for our fellowship with the French Lutheran and Reformed Churches (Reuilly Common Statement).  Pray for our partnership with CMS.

Monday 30

Norway: (includes Bergen, Drammen, Kristiansand, Oslo, Stavanger, Tromsö, Trondheim) Chaplain: Joanna Udal, Asst: Sheila Rosenthal, Asst Curate: Kirk Weisz, Readers: Iris Evans-Bjørnø, Susan Boyd.  Emeritus Reader: Priscilla Beck. Please give thanks for 125 years of witness and ministry in the beautiful stave church of St Olaf's, Balestrand, and pray for our summer chaplaincy there. Please also pray for our outreach to those unable to attend our services in person.

Tuesday 31

Menton: Chaplain:  Vacant. Pray for us as we continue in vacancy to welcome locums at this time. Please also pray for the renovations to our Chaplaincy flat and that we find accommodation for the locums. Please pray for the appointment longer term of a permanent chaplain.

Nice: (serves Vence) Chaplain:  Peter Jackson



Wednesday 1

Lanzarote: (Includes: Playa Blanca, Puerto del Carmen) Chaplain: Stanley Evans. Pray for encouragement for our small number of members and for our witness in Playa Blanca as well as St Laurence as a whole.  We continue to give thanks for the new home found for much of our work and for the Chaplain.

Thursday 2

Arnhem-Nijmegen: Chaplain: Jos Strengholt, Assistant Curate: Dorienke de Vries. 

Eindhoven: Chaplain: Harrison Chinnakumar Ephraim, Reader: Jan Waterschoot. We pray for the arrival of our new chaplain. Thank you Lord for our Locum and his wife who were both willing to come and help us.

Friday 3

Archdeaconry of Switzerland: Archdeacon: Peter Hooper. Pray for Peter as he begins his new role for Switzerland and for encouragement as he balances his new responsibilities alongside those he already holds in France.

Basel: (Also serves Biel/Bienne) Chaplain: To be announced, Assistants: Anne Lowen, Russell Hilliard, Mark Pogson, Reader: Nigel Spencer. We give thanks for the newly appointed chaplain.

Berne: (Also serves Thun and Neuchâtel) Chaplain: Helen Marshall, Reader: Archana Jacob. We pray for guidance as we seek to develop our work with families and children; for more volunteers to take teach in Junior Church and for creativity in developing new events and initiatives.  We pray for grace, patience and good relationships as we review the music in our church and find the best way forward. We are thankful that more people are coming back to church and pray that this will continue.

Saturday 4

Las Palmas (Gran Canaria): (Also serves Playa del Ingles) We pray for a long term appointment to be chaplain.

Sunday 5 (Pentecost)

Today on her Platinum Jubilee we give thanks and pray for Her Majesty our Queen on her Platinum Jubillee.

Give thanks and pray for our fellowship with the German Protestant Churches (Evangelische Kirche Deutschland) (Meissen Declaration).

Diocesan Office in London: Locum Ministry Administrator: Emma Biaggi

Monday 6

Pray for the Diocesan Synod today gathering in Cologne

Warsaw: (also serves Cracow, Gdansk) Chaplain: David Brown.  We pray for all the work of the chaplaincy with refugees from Ukraine.

Tuesday 7

Paris St George: (Also serves Caen) Chaplain: Mark Osborne, Assistant Chaplain Jeffrey John. Assistant: Nicolas Razafindratsima. Pray for our preparations for the Young Peoples Group as they plan their diary and the groups facilitators Ed and Alvaro, for the Enquirers Course and for those already exploring baptism and confirmation. And also for St Mary’s Anglican Chaplaincy Caen as they build their website & register under the laws of 1901/1905 and for courage and healing after a very difficult year.

Paris St Michael: Chaplain: Jonathan Clark, Assistant Chaplain: Ben Evans; Readers: Andrew Wallace-Burnett, Debbie Orleach. Pray for Ben Evans as he starts his ministry. Pray for his family (wife Elise, daughter Elya) to settle quickly. Pray for good contacts with young people, and creativity to see how to reach out, and what form a new evening service/gathering should take. 

Wednesday 8

Madrid: Chaplain: Medhat Sabry, Assistant Curate Solomon Uche Ike, Reader: Celia Paterson.  Pray for our children's programme  - Godly Play for the younger children and the new programme for the adolescents, pray for the return of families post COVID. Also remember our deacon, Solomon is who will be made a priest on the first weekend of July

Thursday 9

Haarlem: Chaplain: Bruce Elliot Rienstra, Reader: Jaap Theunisz. 

The Hague: Chaplain: Michael Roden, Assistant Chris Nicholls. Readers: Katherine Fortier, Jan Huber. One of the priorities we identified is to face racial disparities with courage and grace, highlighted during our Lent course.  We pray this dialogue is bringing about self-awareness and change.

Friday 10

Geneva: Chaplain: Daphne Green. Please join with us in praying for our Vision & Strategy initiative as we plan, with God’s guidance, the way forward for our chaplaincy over the new few years and for our major ‘Building Tomorrow’ church renovation and building project which has begun this spring. We also ask your prayers for our young people and our Youth Leader, Armel Ayegdon as we develop our activities with them in the aftermath of Covid and for our Pastoral Team, especially in its ministry to people who are elderly and housebound.

La Côte: (Includes Divonne-les-Bains (France)) Chaplain: Carolyn Cooke, Assistant Chaplain: Julia Chambeyron, Reader: Betty Talbot. Pray for Carolyn taking a welcome sabbatical this year.

Saturday 11

Leipzig: Chaplain:  Jonathan Haines. Pray for new chaplain who arrived on 1 June.  

Stuttgart: Chaplain: Kara Werner. 

British Army Garrison Churches and their Chaplains.

Sunday 12

Pray for the Serbian Orthodox Church, for Robin Fox as Archbishop of Canterbury's Apokrisiarios to the Patriarch of Serbia.  Pray for the autocephalous Orthodox churches of Eastern Europe and the Baltic.

Pray for Ben Gordon-Taylor (Liturgy Officer); Ray Andrews (Spirituality Advisor) and our team of Spiritual Directors.

Monday 13

Bucharest: Chaplain: Nevsky Everett. Pray for Nevsky as he starts his ministry

Belgrade: (Also serves Skopje) Chaplain: Robin Fox.

Kyiv: Chaplain: Vacant. Pray for peace for Ukraine and wisdom of those earthly leaders who are making responsible decisions. Pray for all in the congregation who have been forced to leave by the war and for those they had to leave behind. We pray for the plans for rebuild mission and ministry in Kyiv after the war.

Tuesday 14

Pas de Calais: (Includes Boulogne-sur-Mer, Calais, Hesdin) Chaplain: Vacant, Reader: Mary Wood. Pray for the future of the chaplaincy which is currently studying a House for Duty project.

Pau: Chaplain: Vacant, Reader: John Errey.. Pray for wisdom and encouragement for the Chaplaincy Council as they look to make decisions around the potential new Chaplain’s post and tackle the reconstruction of the damaged floor of their historic building

Wednesday 15

Malaga: (Includes: Velez-Málaga, Salinas) Chaplain: Louis Darrant, Assistant: Doreen Cage and Gary Small.

Menorca: Chaplain: Paul Strudwick. Please pray for wisdom & compassion as we begin to return to more normal worship & activities. Pray for Paul in his additional role as Area Dean.

Thursday 16

Maastricht: Chaplain: vacant.

Rotterdam: Chaplain: Jenni Pridmore, Reader: We give thanks for the many years of dedicated service offered by Grada Schadee, for whom we pray for peace and strength, as she needs step down for health reasons.'

Missions to Seafarers Rotterdam and Schiedam: Chaplain: Dennis Woodward. 

Friday 17

Lausanne: Chaplain: vacant, Reader: Angela Fall. We give thanks and pray for the churchwardens and council during the interregnum.   

Lugano: Chaplain: vacant. We give thanks for the locum priests who have served so faithfully during the long interregnum¸ Pray for the vacancy process as the Chaplaincy begins its search for a new Chaplain. We ask for an openness of heart and mind to be able to discern what God is asking of us

Saturday 18

Vernet-les-Bains: Chaplain: vacant. Pray for the Churchwardens as they work hard to maintain a programme of local worship, and for wisdom to discern the path forwards for the Chaplaincy.

Versailles: (Also serves Gif sur Yvette (Chevry)) Chaplain: Dale Hanson, Reader: Sophie Manson. Pray for the safe and appropriate resumption of "Operation Stephen" - a ministry in partnership with other churches providing breakfast and friendship for homeless people in the area - that has been paused during the pandemic

Sunday 19

Pray for the Russian Orthodox Church, for Malcolm Rogers as The Archbishop of Canterbury's Apokrisiarios to the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russ. 

Pray for the Persecuted Church worldwide and the role of Open Doors in providing information about this.

Monday 20

Moscow: Chaplain: Malcolm Rogers. Pray for our church in Moscow as it adapts and adjusts to the new situation in which we find ourselves. Pray for peace. Pray for the healing of wounds and that the Christian church might be able to help bring about reconciliation in a very broken environment.  We pray for Glen Ruffle as he makes the next steps in his training

St Petersburg: Chaplain: Vacant.

Tuesday 21

Poitou-Charentes: (Includes Ambernac, Barbezieux St Hilaire,  Chasseneuil-sur-Bonnieure, Chef Boutonne, Civray, Jarnac, Magné, La Rochefoucauld, Parthenay, Salles de Villefagnan, St Jean d'Angély, Verteuil, Villejesus) Chaplain: Vacant, Readers: Catherine Chambers, Geoffrey Cornwall, Richard Beech, Martin Sewell, John Matthews, Elisabeth Barnett, Carolyn Carter, Joan Mason. Pray for our new Chaplaincy web site, that it will serve as an important means of information of our Chaplaincy services and other activities and interest groups, that we as a Chaplaincy will have more opportunities for evangelism amongst our communities. We remember the work of our Safeguarding team. 

Wednesday 22

Mallorca: (includes Palma-de-Mallorca, Puerto Pollensa, Cala d'Or, Palma Nova) Chaplain: Ishanesu Gusha (Palma) and Bill Boyce (Puerto Pollensa), Readers: Linda Cade, Adrian Peter Welsh, David Pattinson and pray for our Mothers’ Union Ministry as they have just opened a new branch. 

Thursday 23

Twente: (Weldam, Goor) Chaplain: Jacqueline Williams, Reader: Simone Yallop. We give thanks for the arrival of our new chaplain Jacqueline Williams. And we pray for a good loving working relationship for all who work to serve the Anglican Church Twente, now and in the near future, after the AGM that will bring new people in.

Missions to Seafarers Vlissingen: Chaplain: Pascal Handschin (from the Dutch Reformed Church).

Voorschoten: Chaplain: Ruan Crew, Asst Curate: Matt Thijs. Our youth worker Mercedes is now in her fourth year with us and continues to provide amazing ministry to our young people. Pray for her and all our young people in these challenging times

Friday 24

Montreux: (Also serves Villars-sur-Ollon) Chaplain: Paul Ormrod. We pray for our congregation, particularly those affected by the pandemic. We give thanks for our church music and the flourishing community in Villars.

Vevey: (Also serves Château D'Oex,) Chaplain: Vacant.   Diocesan Environment Officer: Elizabeth Bussmann Pray for the Wardens and Church Council and locums as we continue in interregnum and pray for the appointment of a new chaplain

Environment - Our home belongs to you: Loving God, Lord of heaven and earth, this earth, our home belongs to you. Give us grace to love it as you do. Give us courage to give ourselves, as you do, for the good of all people and all of your creation. Strengthen us to stand, as you do, with the vulnerable poor. Give us wisdom to know when we have enough, and the voice to say “enough” to all that harms creation and hurts the poorest. This earth, our home, belongs to you.

Saturday 25

Torrevieja: (Includes Lago Jardín, La Siesta, Los Balcones, La Manga) Chaplain: Richard Seabrook.

Sunday 26

Pray for the Church of Sweden.  Pray for the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople (Turkey), for Patriarch Bartholomew and the autocephalous Orthodox Churches and their leaders.

Monday 27

Gothenburg: Chaplain: Alida Tollefsen-van der Lans

Stockholm: Chaplain: Nicholas Howe, Reader: Pamela Henderson.  Pray for Nicholas in his role as Area Dean.

Ankara: Locum Chaplain: Mike Elliott. Please pray for the church of St Nicolas Ankara during the current vacancy. We pray for the British Embassy community , the locum chaplains and for God's blessing on moves to appoint a Chaplain. 

Tuesday 28

Saint Pargoire (Hérault): Chaplain: Roger Smith, Reader: Julie Johnson.
Please pray for all the team at our chaplaincy of All Saints, Hérault, for continued blessings in our fellowship together and for wisdom in making decisions for the future.

St Raphaël: Chaplain: Tom Wilson. Prayers for our continuing ministry of welcoming all who enter our doors. As the COVID pandemic eases, we would like prayers for the safe return of all of our "swallows" who come and worship with us at various times during the year, and our faithful regular congregants and their ministry to our church and our Department.

Wednesday 29

Tenerife South: (Includes Playa de Las Americas, Los Gigantes, San Blas) Chaplain: John Poole, Readers: David Horton, Paul Ganney, Christine Elliott, Maryrissa Carter. 

Tenerife North: (includes Puerto de la Cruz, La Palma) Chaplain: Vacancy, Assistant Rachel Ganney.  We pray for our Chaplain, Revd Ron Corne who died in March – may the Lord in his kindness grant him eternal rest. We pray that in the care of God’s creation actions will speak louder than words, so that we will all make a difference and be the change that is needed locally and across our island. 

Thursday 30

Amersfoort: Chaplain: Grant Crowe.   Please pray for our online Alpha course comes to an end in July, please pray for the participants and facilitators to know the next steps to take.  Also, for our church community to grow further in welcoming visitors – may all who visit receive both a warm human welcome and experience God’s divine welcome. We pray that we may grow in helping new members to become part of the core of the community – able to use and express their gifts, experience, skills, passions -  and for each new member to be able to form meaningful  close friendships in All Saints.

Utrecht: (Also serves Groningen, Zwolle) Chaplain: Vacant, Assistant Chaplain (Groningen): Sam Van Leer.  Please pray for the wonderful stream of lovely locum chaplains helping us while we search for a permanent chaplain, Pray that the Lord will send the right person to our church to continue to lead and guide our growing congregation.


Friday 1

Zurich: (Also serves Turgi, Zug, St Gallen) Chaplain: Vacancy. Assistant Chaplain: Jacqueline Sellin. Pray for the reinvigoration of our work with children, youth and families,
after the detrimental impact of Covid. Pray for the increasing ministry of our choir and music director, now able to sing more. Pray for our worshipping community in seeking God's guidance during interregnum.

Swiss seasonal chaplaincies: Interlaken, Kandersteg, Mürren, St Moritz, Wengen, Zermatt.

Saturday 2

Istanbul Christ Church: Chaplain: Ian Sherwood. 

Izmir: (Also serves Bornova, Didim, Mission to Seafarers Izmir) Chaplain: James Buxton. We give thanks and pray for our congregation in İzmir and for our two churches -  in the districts of Alsanjak and Bornova. We pray for our Chaplain James Buxton. We pray for the congregation of St Mary's Church, Didim. 


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