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Prayer Diary

This diary has been compiled to help us pray together for one another and our common concerns. The current section of diary shown below and that for the following months is available for download in PDF form here.


Tuesday 1

Menton: Chaplain: Vacant.

Nice: (serves Vence) Chaplain: Peter Jackson, Assistant, Roxana Teleman.

Wednesday 2

Lanzarote: (Includes: Playa Blanca, Puerto del Carmen, Nazaret) Chaplain: Stanley Evans.

Thursday 3

Arnhem-Nijmegen: Chaplain: Jos Strengholt.

Eindhoven: Chaplain: Francis Noordanus, Assistant: Barbara Noordanus, Reader: Jan Waterschoot.

Friday 4

Archdeaconry of Switzerland: Archdeacon: Adèle Kelham.

Basel: Chaplain: Vacant, Assistants: Anne Lowen, Russell Hilliard, Mark Pogson, Mathias Kissel, Reader: Nigel Spencer.

Berne: Chaplain: Helen Marshall, Reader: Archana Jacob.

Saturday 5

Las Palmas (Gran Canaria): (Also serves Playa del Ingles) Chaplain: Paul Wignall. Pray for the chaplaincy and for the future of the island of Gran Canaria as it struggles to deal with major economic and social challenges after the pandemic.

Sunday 6 – Trinity 13

Give thanks and pray for our fellowship with the German Protestant Churches (Evangelische Kirche Deutschland) (Meissen Declaration).

Diocesan Office in London: Locum Ministry Administrator: Emma Biaggi; Retirement Officer: John Marvell.

Monday 7

Warsaw: (also serves Cracow, Gdansk) Chaplain: David Brown.

Tuesday 8

Paris St George: (Also serves Caen) Chaplain: Mark Osborne, Assistant: Nicolas Razafindratsima.

Paris St Michael: Chaplain: Jonathon Clark, Reader: Andrew Wallace-Burnett.

Wednesday 9

Madrid: Chaplain: Vacant, Reader: Celia Paterson.

Thursday 10

Haarlem: Chaplain: Vacant, Reader: Jaap Theunisz.

The Hague: Interim Minister: Andrew Taylor, Assistant: Guy Diakiese.

Friday 11

Geneva: Chaplain: Vacant. Pray for our ordinand, Julia Lacey, as she moves to the Diocese of Chelmsford for her ordination and curacy;  for our church and community; that it become possible to receive a locum during our vacancy; for wisdom and discernment in our search for a new chaplain.

La Côte: (Includes Divonne-les-Bains (France)) Chaplain: Carolyn Cooke, Assistant Chaplain: Julia Chambeyron, Reader: Betty Talbot. Pray for Carolyn as Diocesan Advisor for Women’s Ministry.

Saturday 12

Leipzig: Chaplain: Martin Reakes-Williams. Pray for the arrangements for our 25th anniversary celebration over the weekend of 17th - 18th October. that. Praise God for his goodness over those yearsand give thanks for Martin’s service during that time.

Stuttgart: Chaplain: Kara Werner.

British Army Garrison Churches and their Chaplains.

Sunday 13 - Trinity 14

Pray for the Serbian Orthodox Church, for Robin Fox as Archbishop of Canterbury's Apokrisiarios to the Patriarch of Serbia. Pray for the autocephalous Orthodox churches of Eastern Europe and the Baltic.

Pray for Ben Gordon-Taylor (Liturgy Officer); John Newsome (Spirituality Advisor); our team of Spiritual Directors; for John also in his role as Area Dean.

Monday 14

Bucharest: Chaplain: Vacant.

Belgrade: (Also serves Skopje) Chaplain: Robin Fox.

Kyiv: Chaplain: Vacant. Locum: Paul Fremont. Pray for a permanent, full time priest to lead our church here in Kyiv.

Tuesday 15

Pas de Calais: (Includes Boulogne-sur-Mer, Calais, Hesdin) Chaplain: Vacant, Reader: Mary Wood.

Pau: Chaplain: Vacant, Reader: John Errey.

Wednesday 16

Malaga: (Includes: Velez-Málaga, Salinas) Chaplain: Louis Darrant, Assistant: Doreen Cage. Thank God for holding our hands and guiding us to creativity and ways of living during our days of isolation. Pray for Louis as he settles in to his new ministry;

Menorca: (Es Castell, Ciutadella) Chaplain: Paul Strudwick. Pray for guidance in serving the needs of worshippers compassionately, safely and sensitively as online worship continues and resumption of worship in person resumes. 

Thursday 17

Maastricht: Chaplain Barbara Noordanus. Pray that people may stay connected with Christ, each other and the church at this time whether we are on Zoom or face to face.

Rotterdam: Chaplain: Jenni Pridmore, Assistant: Humayun Sunil, Reader: Grada Schadee. Pray for safety as we have our full facility re-opening; for wisdom for the leadership, for opportunities for continued outreach, and for our deepening faith as we continue to develop our prayer life as a congregation.

Missions to Seafarers Rotterdam and Schiedam: Chaplain: Dennis Woodward.

Friday 18

Lausanne: Chaplain: Christine Bloomfield, Reader: Angela Fall.

Lugano: Chaplain: Nigel Gibson.

Saturday 19

Vernet-les-Bains: Chaplain: David Phillips.

Versailles: (Also serves Gif sur Yvette (Chevry)) Chaplain: Dale Hanson. Give thanks for the way that both congregations have been able to join together in shared Zoom services and the way volunteers have sustained children and youth ministry; that one of our members, Vivian, participated in a "virtual BAP" and has been recommended for training. Pray for her and her family. Give thanks that giving has so far remained steady. Pray for those in the congregation who have suffered from the virus and for the widow of Patrick who died as a result; for wisdom as we restart some of our services.

Sunday 20 – Trinity 15

Pray for the Russian Orthodox Church, for Malcolm Rogers as The Archbishop of Canterbury's Apokrisiarios to the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russ. Pray for the Persecuted Church worldwide and the role of Open Doors in providing information about this.

Monday 21

Moscow: Chaplain: Malcolm Rogers. Pray for Malcolm in his role as Area Dean. We give thanks for the opportunities to reach out to many new people during lockdown, and pray for wisdom and protection as we open up.

St Petersburg: Chaplain: Vacant.

Tuesday 22

Poitou-Charentes: (Includes Ambernac, Barbezieux St Hilaire, Chasseneuil-sur-Bonnieure, Chef Boutonne, Civray, Jarnac, Magné, La Rochefoucauld, Parthenay, Salles de Villefagnan, St Jean d'Angély, Verteuil, Villejesus) Chaplain: Vacant, Readers: Catherine Chambers, Geoffrey Cornwall, Richard Beech, Martin Sewell, John Matthews, Elisabeth Barnett, Carolyn Carter, Joan Mason.

Wednesday 23

Mallorca: (includes Palma-de-Mallorca, Puerto Pollensa, Cala d'Or, Palma Nova) Chaplain: Vacant, Readers: Linda Cade, Vicky Pacey.

Thursday 24

Twente: (Weldam, Goor) Chaplain: Vacant, Reader: Simone Yallop. Pray for our procedure to find a new chaplain for our congregation, after the retirement of Brian Rodford. We are praying for a fruitful time.

Missions to Seafarers Vlissingen: Chaplain: Pascal Handschin (from the Dutch Reformed Church).

Voorschoten: Chaplain: Ruan Crew, Reader: Anthony Cummings, Ordinand: Matt Thijs. Pray for Ruan in his role as Area Dean. Pray for creativity and wisdom as we continue to navigate the 'new normal'. Our ordinand, Matt Thijs, will be ordained this Sunday, and then licensed as curate in St James for the coming three years. Pray for him and Lizelle as they make this transition.

Friday 25

Montreux: (Also serves Villars-sur-Ollon) Chaplain: Paul Ormrod.

Vevey: (Also serves Château D'Oex, Neuchâtel) Chaplain: Clive Atkinson, Reader: Michael Cotton. Diocesan Environment Officer: Elizabeth Bussman.

Saturday 26

Torrevieja: (Includes Campoverde, Cristo Resucitado, Lago Jardín, La Siesta, Los Balcones, San Fulgencio, La Manga) Chaplain: Richard Seabrook, Readers: Roger Harrison, Peter Smith.

Sunday 27 – Trinity 16

Pray for the Church of Sweden. Pray for the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople (Turkey), for Patriarch Bartholomew and the autocephalous Orthodox Churches and their leaders. Pray for threatened Syrian Orthodox communities in Turkey and for persecuted Christians of all communities in the Muslim world.

Pray for those being ordained deacon or priest at this time.

Monday 28

Gothenburg: Chaplain: David Bruce.

Stockholm: Chaplain: Nicholas Howe, Reader: Pamela Henderson. Pray for Nicholas in his role as Area Dean.

Ankara: Chaplain (Interim Minister): Patrick Irwin.

Tuesday 29

Saint Pargoire (Hérault): Chaplain: Roger Smith, Reader: Julie Johnson.

St Raphaël: Chaplain: Tom Wilson.

Wednesday 30

Tenerife South: (Includes Playa de Las Americas, Los Gigantes, San Blas) Chaplain: John Poole, Readers: David Horton, Paul Ganney, Christine Elliott, Maryrissa Carter.

Tenerife North: (includes Puerto de la Cruz, La Palma) Chaplain: Ronald Corne.



Thursday 1

Amersfoort: Chaplain: Grant Crowe.

Utrecht: (Also serves Groningen, Zwolle,) Chaplain: David Phillips, Associate Chaplain (Groningen): Sam Van Leer.

Friday 2

Zurich: (Also serves Turgi, Zug, St Gallen) Chaplain: Paul Brice. Pray for us as we emerge from the lock-down, which has spurred us on to consider new ideas for being church in new ways; for translating gospel action to address an international, vibrant city; for our daughter communities in St Gallen, Turgi and Zug; for wisdom to plan our Christmas Bazaar, amidst the uncertainty of the virus situation and not knowing what guidelines will be in force.

Swiss seasonal chaplaincies: Interlaken, Kandersteg, Mürren, St Moritz, Wengen, Zermatt.

Saturday 3

Didim: Chaplain: Vacant.

Istanbul Christ Church: Chaplain: Ian Sherwood.

Istanbul Church of the Resurrection: Chaplain: Vacant. Pray for the church wardens and church council during the vacancy.

Izmir: (Also serves Bornova, Mission to Seafarers Izmir) Chaplain: James Buxton. Pray for James in his role as Area Dean.

Sunday 4 - Trinity 17

Pray for Bishop Robert and Bishop David as they lead and pastor the diocese.

Pray for the Bishop's Office in Brussels, for Meurig Williams in his role as Bishop's Chaplain, Gail Wilmet (Bishop’s PA), Damian Thwaites in his role as Bishop's Attaché to the European Institutions, Barbara Omoro (Appointments Secretary) and Caroline Gaumy (Administrative Secretary).

Monday 5

Archdeaconry of Germany and Northern Europe: Archdeacon: Leslie Nathaniel.

Eastern Archdeaconry: Archdeacon: Leslie Nathaniel.

Vienna: (Also serves Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Bratislava, Ljubljana) Chaplain: Patrick Curran, Assistants: Mike Waltner, John Barker.

Tuesday 6

Aquitaine: (Includes Bertric Burée, Bordeaux, Condom in the Gers, Doudrac, Limeuil Haut, Monteton, Périgueux-Chancelade, Ste Nathalene, Sorges) Chaplain: Anthony Lomas, Assistant: Liz Morris, Readers: Janis Adams, Sheila Marshall, Patrick Sturges, Michael Torne, Roger Verrall. Pray for Tony in his role as Area Dean.

Wednesday 7

Archdeaconry of Gibraltar: Archdeacon: David Waller.

Gibraltar Cathedral: (Also serves Gibraltar (Port)) Dean: Ian Tarrant. Pray for Ian’s installation at the cathedral on 13th October; for Ian and the PCC as they assess priorities for developing the life of the cathedral over the next few years.

Thursday 8

Antwerp: Chaplain: Andrew Wagstaff, Reader: Egbert van Groesen. Pray for Bishop Norman (Richborough); for The Society of Ss Wilfrid & Hilda, in thanksgiving for its prayerful support in these difficult times; for our cross-border parishioners, who are currently unable to join us for worship.

Antwerp Mission to Seafarers: Port Chaplain: Brian Millson.

Friday 9

Archdeaconry of Italy and Malta: Archdeacon: David Waller.

Assisi: Locum Chaplain.

Bordighera: (served from Menton, France).

Saturday 10

Berlin: (also serves Dresden) Chaplain: Christopher Jage-Bowler, Assistant: Joachim Reich. Dresden: Ricky Yates (PTO).

Bonn with Cologne: Chaplain: Michael Bullock, Assistant: Richard Gardiner. Pray for this Chaplaincy at a time of transition.

Sunday 11 – Trinity 18

Give thanks for our relationship with the Lutheran Churches of the Porvoo Agreement. Pray for the Porvoo Contact Group and the Lutheran Church in Great Britain. Pray for our partnership with USPG.

Monday 12

Prague: (Includes Brno) Chaplain: Nathanial Nathanial, Reader: Jack Noonan.

Tuesday 13

Archdeaconry of France: Archdeacon Meurig Williams.

Beaulieu-sur-Mer: Chaplain: Anthony Ingham.

Biarritz: Chaplain: Vacant.

Wednesday 14

Casablanca: (includes Rabat) Chaplain: Medhat Sabry. Pray for Medhat in his role as Area Dean. 

Tangier: Chaplain: Dennis Obidiegwu.

Thursday 15

Brugge, Knokke, Ostend: Chaplain: Augustine Nwaekwe. Pray for Augustine in his additional role as BAME ministry adviser. Give thanks for the marriage of Nandi and Jeroen; for Miracle being accepted to study nursing. Pray for her residence status and that the re-consecration of the English Church in Ostend might take place this autumn, after extensive renovations.

Pray for the France Archdeaconry committee meeting via Zoom today.

Friday 16

Florence: (Also serves Siena, Bologna) Chaplain: William Lister, Deacon: Giampaolo Pancetti, Reader: Maria Makepeace. Pray for William in his role as Area Dean.

Genova: Chaplain: Tony Dickinson.

Saturday 17

Brittany: (Includes: Huelgoat, Ploërmel, Rostrenen) Chaplain: Robin Adams, Readers: Laura Hillman, Robin Hillman, Alan Mason, Guy Barnard. Pray for ability to reinvent Chaplaincy life under COVID restrictions; for the transition as our Chaplain finishes in January.

Cannes: Chaplain: Giles Williams, Readers: David Sinclair, Christopher Walley, Christine Williams. Pray for Giles in his role as Area Dean.; for our Christianity Explored course on Thursday evenings, particularly our “going deeper” day on the 24th.

Sunday 18 – Trinity 19

Pray for the Lusitanian Church, Bishop Jorge Pina Cabral. Pray for the Church of Denmark and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Estonia.

Diocesan Office in London: Pray for the Operations and Finance functions: Diocesan Secretary (COO): Andrew Caspari; Office Manager: Bron Panter; Finance: Susan Stelfox, Nick Wraight; Board of Finance Chair: Mike Fegan. Pray for the financial needs of the Diocese (and give thanks for God’s provision).

Monday 19

Copenhagen: (Also serves Aarhus) Chaplain: Smitha Prasadam, Readers: Professor Ursula Sonnewald, Victoria Wadsworth-Hansen, Graeme Lloyd-Roberts, Peter Prasadam. Pray for Smitha in her additional role as BAME ministry adviser.

Tallinn: Chaplain: Gustav Piir.

Tuesday 20

Chantilly: Chaplain: Sarah Tillet. Give thanks for our live services and the joy of worshipping together again. Pray for unity within our church and reconciliation; for all the students starting at University, virtually or in person, for God’s blessing on them.

Dinard: Chaplain: Gary Wilton.

Pray for the Friends on-line Service and Event today at 1730 BST and give thanks for their work and support.

Wednesday 21

Barcelona: (Also serves Andorra) Chaplain: John Chapman, Assistant: Deborah Chapman. Pray for an exciting year together with our first Ministry Experience Scheme intern, as we see God at work. On All Souls we will be remembering the effect of COVID 19 here in Spain, and Catalunya in particular. We mourn with those who mourn.

Nerja and Almuñécar: Chaplain: Nigel Thomas.

Thursday 22

Archdeaconry of North-West Europe: Archdeacon Paul Vrolijk. Pray for the work of the Archdeaconry Standing Committee.

Brussels: Chaplain: Paul Vrolijk; Associate Chaplain: John Wilkinson, Assistants: Fiona Simon, Jean-Bosco Turahirwa, Readers: Ozichi Baron, Jennifer Le Jeune, David Mitchell, Heather Roy, Grace West, Arttu Makipaa. Give thanks for Fiona's service in Brussels and pray for her and her family as they return to England.

Friday 23

Malta and Gozo: (Includes: Valletta, also serves: Gozo) Chaplain: Simon Godfrey, Assistants: Francois Mifsud, Peter Packer, Reader: Michael Collins.

Sliema: Chaplain: Clem Upton.

Saturday 24

Algarve: (Includes: Almancil, Praia Da Luz, Tavira, Gorjões) Chaplains: Reid Hamilton, Robert Kean, Readers: Robert Kelly, Maureen Kyle, Fiona Mayes. Pray for Robert in his role as Area Dean.

Greater Lisbon: (Includes: Estoril, Lisbon) Chaplain: Vacant.

Sunday 25 – Last after Trinity

Pray for the Spanish Episcopal Reformed Church, Bishop Carlos López-Lozano. Pray for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.

Diocesan Office in London: Pray for the Safeguarding team: Grace Fagan, Lisa Welch, Bridgett Fenton, Laura O’Brien, Majean Griffith, Katherine Harris; Our care for children and vulnerable adults.

Monday 26

Helsinki: (Also serves Tallinn, Tampere, Turku, Kuopio, White Nile) Chaplain: Tuomas Mäkipää, Assistant: Amos Manga, Readers: Geoffrey Phillips, Keith Battarbee, John Mills. Pray for Tuomas in his role as Area Dean.

Tuesday 27

Dunkirk, The Mission to Seafarers: Chaplain: Phil Edell. Pray for the Seafarers Centre at Dunkerque and the work of the staff and volunteers.

Fontainebleau: Interim Chaplain: Paula Clifford. Pray for Paula as she settles in to her new ministry.

Grenoble: Chaplain: vacant. Pray for a new permanent Chaplain.

Wednesday 28

Costa Almeria and Costa Calida: (serves Mojácar, Llanos and Aljambra) Chaplain: Vincent Oram, Assistant: Alan Bennett, Readers: Duncan Burr, Marge Gall.

Costa Azahar: (Includes Alcossebre, Vinaros) Chaplain: Vacant.

Thursday 29

Ghent: (Also serves Ghent (Port)) Chaplain: Stephen Murray.

Belgium and Luxembourg Deanery: Area Dean: Stephen Murray.

Friday 30

Milan: (Also serves Cadenabbia (Lake Como), Varese) Chaplain: Vickie Sims, Deacon: Robert Morley, Locum (Lake Como): Roger Williams, Reader: Angela Mirani (Varese). Pray for the new ministry of our deacon Robert; for the rebuilding of congregational life and renewal of mission in the light of COVID; for couples planning and preparing for wedding blessings at the Church on Lake Como.

Saturday 31

Düsseldorf: (Also serves Essen) Chaplain: Stephen Walton.

Freiburg-im-Breisgau: Chaplain: Vacant. Pray for the vision of our church and the workgroups working on this. Give thanks for locums and worship leaders who have supported us during our current vacancy.

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