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Prayer Diary

This diary has been compiled to help us pray together for one another and our common concerns. The current section of diary shown below and that for the following months is available for download in PDF form here.



Tuesday 28

Saint Pargoire (Hérault): Chaplain: Roger Smith, Reader: Julie Johnson.  Please pray for our ministry team here in the Hérault and for the discussions on our future, possibly involving the sharing of a chaplain with other chaplaincies when Roger Smith retires.

St Raphaël: Chaplain: Tom Wilson. Prayers for our continuing ministry of welcoming all who enter our doors. As the Covid pandemic eases, we would like prayers for the safe return of all of our "swallows" who come and worship with us at various times during the year, and our faithful regular congregants and their ministry to our church and our region.

Wednesday 29

Tenerife South: (Includes Playa de Las Americas, Los Gigantes, San Blas) Chaplain: John Poole, Readers: David Horton, Paul Ganney, Christine Elliott, Maryrissa Carter. 

Tenerife North: (includes Puerto de la Cruz, La Palma) Chaplain: Vacancy, Assistant Rachel Ganney. We pray that in the care of God’s creation actions will speak louder than words, so that we will all make a difference and be the change that is needed locally and across our island. 

Thursday 30

Amersfoort: Chaplain: Grant Crowe.   Please pray for our church community to grow further in welcoming visitors – may all who visit receive both a warm human welcome and experience God’s divine welcome. We pray that we may grow in helping new members to become part of the core of the community – able to use and express their gifts, experience, skills, passions - and for each new member to be able to form meaningful, close friendships in All Saints.

Utrecht: (Also serves Groningen, Zwolle) Chaplain: Ruan Crew Assistant Chaplain (Groningen): Sam Van Leer. We at Holy Trinity welcome 2023 in with the hope that all the problems happening in the world can be resolved with understanding and diplomacy, that our brothers and sisters can learn to live in harmony and share the worlds bounteous commodities fairly as we act as stewards of Gods nature and provisions. Praise the Lord for all that He provides.

Friday 31

Zurich: (Also serves Turgi, Zug, St Gallen) Chaplain: Vacancy. Assistant Chaplain: Jacqueline Sellin. Pray for the reinvigoration of our work with children, youth and families,
after the detrimental impact of Covid. Pray for the increasing ministry of our choir and music director, now able to sing more. Pray for our worshipping community in seeking God's guidance during interregnum.

Swiss seasonal chaplaincies: Interlaken, Kandersteg, Mürren, St Moritz, Wengen, Zermatt. Pray for our seasonal chaplains



Sunday 2                                                                                                                                    

Pray for Bishop Robert and Bishop David as they lead and pastor the diocese. 

Pray for the Bishop's Office in Brussels, Alan Strange (Bishop's Chaplain), Gail Wilmet (Bishop’s PA), Barbara Omoro (Appointments Secretary) and Caroline Gaumy (Administrative Assistant). 

Monday 3

Archdeaconry of Germany and Northern Europe: Archdeacon: Leslie Nathaniel. 

Eastern Archdeaconry: Archdeacon: Leslie Nathaniel.

Christ Church Vienna: (Also serves Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Bratislava, Ljubljana) Chaplain: Patrick Curran, Hon Asst Chaplain, Robert Kinney.  Pray for those preparing for First Communion, Baptism, Confirmation and Reception into the CofE, for The Street Party (10 June) as a means of outreach to the local neighbourhood and a sign of Christian vitality in Vienna. Pray for the participation in the Long Night of the Churches (2 June) - may the churches in Vienna share in a common witness to the Ascended Lord. Also pray for our retreat weekend (30 June-2 July) being led by the Dean of Coventry. Theme: Living in Reconciliation  

Tuesday 4

Aquitaine: (Includes Bertric Burée, Bordeaux, Condom, Doudrac, Dondas, Eymet, Limeuil, Monteton, Chancelade, Ste Nathalene, Negrondes) Chaplain: Tony Lomas, Readers: Sheila Marshall, Anne Penfold, Nellie Salvi, Patrick Sturges, Roger Verrall. Pray for Tony in his role as Area Dean.

Wednesday 5

Archdeaconry of Gibraltar: Archdeacon: David Waller. 

Holy Trinity Cathedral, Gibraltar: (Also serves Gibraltar (Port)) Dean: Ian Tarrant. Port Chaplains: Chris Rushton, Hugh Ellis, Readers: Pam Baker & Sally Barton.

Thursday 6

Archdeaconry of North-West Europe: Archdeacon Sam Van Leer.

Antwerp: Chaplain: Andrew Wagstaff, Assistant: June Mark Yañez, Reader: Egbert van Groesen. We pray for Bishop Norman, and the congregations under his care, for Canon Andrew Wagstaff and for Egbert van Groesen, our lay reader and prisons chaplain

Antwerp Mission to Seafarers: Port Chaplain: June Mark Yanez. Pray for Fr June Yañez and his ministry in the parish and with MtS in the port of Antwerpen

Friday 7

Archdeaconry of Italy and Malta: Archdeacon: David Waller.

Assisi: We want to thank God for our new Churchwarden – Pam Gowman – as together we seek the way ahead for the small but enthusiastic congregation at St Leonard’s and the important work it does in welcoming English-speaking pilgrims to Assisi.   We pray for the discussions with Bishop David and our SSF brothers – for clarity and God’s guidance re the future; asking for a sense of His leading and a deepening in our life of prayer together.

Bordighera: We pray for a resolution to the tasks of maintenance and management of the cemetery there.

Saturday 8

Berlin: (also serves Dresden) Chaplain:  Christopher Jage-Bowler, Assistants: Joachim Reich, Gottlieb George.  Please pray for our work to make our church C02 neutral and preach God's love for all the world. Please pray for our two congregations in different parts of the city. Pray for our well building project, our support for Children in Distress, and our prayer labyrinth.

Dresden: Ricky Yates (PTO).

Bonn with Cologne: Chaplain: Richard Gardiner, Reader: Jenny Knudsen.

Sunday 9

Give thanks for our relationship with the Lutheran Churches of the Porvoo Agreement.  Pray for the Porvoo Contact Group and the Lutheran Church in Great Britain.  Pray for our partnership with USPG.

Monday 10

Prague: (Includes Brno) Chaplain: Nathanial Nathanial and for Lea Williams leading the work in Brno.

Tuesday 11

Archdeaconry of France: Archdeacon: Peter Hooper. Pray for the work to have the Church of England officially recognised at a national level in France

Beaulieu-sur-Mer: Chaplain: Anthony Ingham.

Biarritz: Pray for the continuing reflections as to how the Chaplaincy can be best supported by a priestly presence

Wednesday 12

Casablanca: (includes Rabat) Pray for the appointment process and for spiritual guidance for all the faithful congregation for unity, for the future life of St. John chaplaincy; prayer for God’s intervention for all the ministerial endeavour for the betterment of the church and its people. For Rabat pray earnestly for a chaplain and for our congregation and their needs, and we pray that God may raise up leaders and volunteers to assist with running the church. However rough the ride might sometimes feel, please pray that God grants us faith and perseverance.

Tangier: Chaplain: Dennis Obidiegwu.

Thursday 13

Brugge, Knokke, Ostend: Chaplain:  Augustine Nwaekwe.  Pray for him in his additional role as Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic ministry adviser. Prayers also for John Sadiki, the MES intern for this year.

Friday 14

Florence: (Also serves Bologna) Chaplain: Chris Williams.  Pray that we can find ways to grow our small congregation of about 15 regular and committed members in Bologna. The pandemic, Brexit and the vacancy has meant we have very few regular members in Florence, but there are plenty of visitors each week. Pray that we can grow a good, committed core of people, willing to get involved and to make best use of our special building and location.

Genova: Chaplain: Tony Dickinson. We offer thanksgiving for the result of our 150th Anniversary Appealand we ask for prayers for our celebrations to mark King Charles's coronation. We also pray for wisdom and discernment in developing our growing contacts with the City of London, for our plans for restoration work on the church building and for the preparations for celebrating the 40th anniversary of the chaplain's ordination (3rd July)

Saturday 15

Brittany: (Includes: Huelgoat, Ploërmel, Rostrenen) Readers: Laura Hillman, Robin Hillman, Alan Mason, Guy Barnard. Pray for faithfulness in worship, persistence in prayer, desire to learn from God’s Word and selflessness in supporting each other and for the continuing process of appointing a new Chaplain, for wisdom for the Diocesan members making clergy appointments in Europe post Brexit.

Cannes: Readers: David Sinclair, Christopher Walley, Christine Williams. Prayers and thanks for Derek Smith (and Sue) who has been our locum for the last two months and we welcome and pray for Bishop Henry Scriven as our next locum. We also ask for prayers for our process of seeking a new permanent chaplain.

Sunday 16

Pray for the Lusitanian Church, Bishop Jorge Pina Cabral. Pray for the Church of Denmark and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Estonia.

Diocesan Office in London: Pray for the Operations and Finance departments: Diocesan Secretary (COO): Andrew Caspari; Office Manager: Bron Panter; Finance: Susan Stelfox, Nick Wraight; Board of Finance Chair: Mike Fegan.  Pray for the financial needs of the Diocese (and give thanks for God’s provision).

Monday 17

Copenhagen: (Also serves Aarhus) Chaplain: Smitha Prasadam, Readers: Graeme Lloyd-Roberts, Peter Prasadam, Julian Simpson.  Christ bursts into our lives breathing peace.  We rejoice in the life burst of resurrection at a time when many fear change and would rather weep or run away.  Please pray for the Ministry Team and Council as we strive for renewal and growth in faith and number and see the green blade rising in our midst.

Tallinn: Chaplain: Gustav Piir.

Tuesday 18

Chantilly: We give thanks for our Easter celebrations led by locum chaplain John Dinnen.  Give thanks for the book sale and cake stall on 15th April which raised funds for our Charitable Giving Association

Dinard: Pray for the work to rationalise the current complicated legal structures and for healing across the community.

Wednesday 19

Barcelona: (Also serves Andorra) Chaplain: John Chapman, Assistant: Deborah Chapman. Over recent months we have had a number of our older active congregation members go to be with Christ. We give thanks for their lives and do remember us in our sadness at their passing.

Nerja and Almuñécar: Chaplain: Nigel Thomas.

Thursday 20

Brussels: Senior Chaplain: Paul Vrolijk; Associate Chaplains: John Wilkinson, Jack McDonald; Asst Chaplain: Jean-Bosco Turahirwa, Asst Curate: Annie Bolger; Readers: Ozichi Baron, David Mitchell, Heather Roy, Grace West, Jacob Quick.
Our Community Kitchen now produces over 4000 meals per week for the homeless and refugees in Brussels. This requires the work of roughly 100 volunteers, from the church and from outside and is a great outreach opportunity. Please pray for this important ministry to be properly funded and sustained. Also pray for our Peace and Conflict Transformation ministry, now in its second year, led by Revd Jean-Bosco Turahirwa. For all those in training now to be led to situations and places where they can exercise their ministry of reconciliation. 

Friday 21

Malta and Gozo: (Includes: Valletta, also serves: Gozo) Chancellor of the Pro-Cathedral: Vacancy, Assistant: Francois Mifsud, Reader: Michael Collins. 

Sliema: Chaplain: Clem Upton.

Saturday 22

Algarve: (Includes: Praia Da Luz, Boliqueime and St Luke's) Chaplains: Rob Kean, Readers: Maureen Kyle, Fiona Mayes and Chris Wells. We give thanks for the wonderful year that we have just had, with confirmations and the licensing of Chris Wells as Reader. We pray and give thanks for the support of locum priests who have been helping support the East and Central congregations over the last months, and we pray that this year will be one of outreach and growth for the chaplaincy.

Greater Lisbon: (Includes: St Paul Estoril, St George Lisbon) Chaplain: Elizabeth Bendrey. Assistant Iain Bendrey. Pray for preparation for our ‘Rooted in Unity’ event, an ecumenical participation in the World Youth Day in Lisbon in August and for our work with young adults.

Sunday 23

Pray for the Spanish Episcopal Reformed Church, Bishop Carlos López-Lozano.  Pray for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.

Diocesan Office in London: Pray for the Safeguarding team: Grace Fagan, Andy Munrow, Bridgett Fenton, Craig Norman, pray for our care for children and vulnerable adults in all out chaplaincies.

Monday 24

Helsinki: (Also serves Tallinn, Tampere, Turku, Kuopio, White Nile) Chaplain: Tuomas Mäkipää, Assistant: Amos Manga, Mika Pajunen. Reader: Keith Battarbee. Please pray for our congregation and for all who walk through our doors, that they may know the limitless love of God.  In particular we pray for those who come to us in need, that they will find support and strength in our community and prayers.   We give thanks for our music ministry, including choral evensongs and concerts which have reached people beyond our regular congregation.   We pray for the continued growth of our All-Age Services, for the children and our Sunday School leaders.  As the war in Ukraine continues we pray for peace in the Baltic region and for the thousands of refugees who have been adapting to a different life in Finland.  We pray for our work in support of the Vallila Help Center for Ukrainian Refugees and for all their employees and volunteers, many of whom are refugees themsleves.  We give thanks for the generosity of USPG and the Diocese in Europe, for enabling the coordination of essential humanitarian aid at the center.  We also pray for our continued work with the White Nile congregation, Urdu language ministry, the Turku Cathedral International Congregation, and the Ecumenical Council of Finland.

Tuesday 25

Fontainebleau: We ask for your prayers for guidance, clarity and wisdom as we work on our vacancy pack to recruit a new chaplain.  We would also ask for prayers for the life of our chaplaincy post covid.

Grenoble: Chaplain: Nick Finlay. Pray for Funmi and her team who have relaunched Sunday School, which is already growing. We especially pray that parents who bring the children will be more consistent in their attendance, so that the children will not miss out on Sunday School Teaching. Also pray for Ernest and his team who are planning to launch our new Youth Fellowship after Easter, and for all their preparatory work. We also pray for wisdom and creativity as we begin seeking additional funding for this growing ‘missionary congregation’, to enable us to recruit a stipendiary chaplain in the coming year. Around 60% of our congregation are on subsistence incomes or less, and several are homeless, so our current existing income is never sufficient for this goal.

Wednesday 26

Costa Almeria and Costa Calida: (serves Mojácar, Llanos and Aljambra) Assistant: Alan Bennett, pray for him as he leads our worship during the vacancy. Readers: Marge Gall, Tony Noble, Alywn Carter. Please pray for Costas Almeria and Calida in vacancy. Pray for wise decision making and the finding of a new warden and PCC members. Pray for our Readers: Margie Gall, Alwyn Carter and Tony Noble and Church Warden Pam Carter as well as our Ordinand Gavin Sunshine. Pray for Fr Vincent Oram beginning his retirement.

Costa Azahar: Although the chaplaincy has closed we pray for the ongoing Prayer Group

Thursday 27

Ghent: (Also serves Ghent (Port)) Asst Chaplain: Oluwakayode Adeyemi Sopeju, Readers in Training: Lizzie Brawley and Colin de Pelsmaker.We pray especially for the Churchwardens, Chaplaincy Council and Kerkraad as they care and tend for the chaplaincy during interregnum.

Belgium and Luxembourg Deanery: Area Dean: Stephen Murray

Friday 28

Milan: (Also serves Cadenabbia (Lake Como), Varese) Chaplain: Vickie Sims, Asst Curate: Robert Morley, Locum (Lake Como): Roger Williams, Reader: Angela Mirani (Varese). Pray for our congregation during this time of vacancy, for Churchwardens': Daniella Engel and Lee Kirk Smith with their added responsibilities, for our locum chaplains in this period. We also pray for The Ascension, Lake Como and for Revd Robert Morley in his role as seasonal chaplain, for churchwarden Simon Graemer and for the many couples coming to celebrate blessings of their marriage.

Saturday 29

Düsseldorf: (Also serves Essen) Chaplain: Stephen Walton. Please pray that we will be faithful to Christ, and united in him.

Freiburg-im-Breisgau: Chaplain: Vinod Victor.  We pray for our AGM as Freiburg looks forward to elect the new wardens and leadership team. Pray that we would have an inclusive team with a passion for the gospel as we have now. Pray for the Weekend Away planned aiming at the spiritual renewal and revival in the lives of the members of the Anglican Church of Freiburg. Pray for the participants and the speakers that the event would be a blessing for all. Pray that the Anglican Church in Freiburg would be able to reach out more into the English speaking community in the city and its suburbs, that we would be a welcoming and inviting community.

Sunday 30

Pray for The Episcopal Church in Europe (TEC), Bishop Mark Edington.   

Pray for our partnership with ICS.


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