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Prayer Diary

This diary has been compiled to help us pray together for one another and our common concerns. The current section of diary shown below and that for the following months is available for download in PDF form here.



Sunday 2

Pray for Bishop Robert and Bishop David as they lead and pastor the diocese. 

Pray for the Bishop's Office in Brussels, Alan Strange (Bishop's Chaplain), Gail Wilmet (Bishop’s PA), Damian Thwaites in his role as Bishop's Attaché to the European Institutions, Barbara Omoro (Appointments Secretary) and Caroline Gaumy (Administrative Secretary). 

Monday 3

Archdeaconry of Germany and Northern Europe: Archdeacon: Leslie Nathaniel. 

Eastern Archdeaconry: Archdeacon: Leslie Nathaniel.

Vienna: (Also serves Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Bratislava, Ljubljana) Chaplain: Patrick Curran, Assistants: Mike Waltner, John Barker.  Remember Christian Hofreiter who is being licensed later this month.

Tuesday 4

Aquitaine: (Includes Bertric Burée, Bordeaux, Condom in the Gers, Doudrac, Limeuil Haut, Monteton, Périgueux-Chancelade, Ste Nathalene, Sorges) Chaplain: Tony Lomas, Assistant: Liz Morris, Readers: Sheila Marshall, Patrick Sturges, Roger Verrall. Pray for Tony in his role as Area Dean.

Wednesday 5

Archdeaconry of Gibraltar: Archdeacon: David Waller. 

Gibraltar Cathedral: (Also serves Gibraltar (Port)) Dean: Ian Tarrant. Locum Port Chaplain: Ron Curtis, Readers: Pam Baker & Sally Barton. Please pray for our preparations for a monthly all-age service, to start in January

Thursday 6

Archdeaconry of North-West Europe: Archdeacon Sam Van Leer.

Antwerp: Chaplain: Andrew Wagstaff, Reader: Egbert van Groesen.

Antwerp Mission to Seafarers: Port Chaplain: vacant.

Friday 7

Archdeaconry of Italy and Malta: Archdeacon: David Waller.

Assisi: Locum Chaplain. We pray we will be able to return to St Leonard's early in the new year. We pray for all the Afghan people, in Afghanistan or settling into new lives. 

Bordighera: (served from Menton, France).

Saturday 8

Berlin: (also serves Dresden) Chaplain:  Christopher Jage-Bowler, Assistants: Joachim Reich, Gottlieb George. 

Dresden: Ricky Yates (PTO).

Bonn with Cologne: Chaplain: Richard Gardiner, Reader: Jenny Knudsen. Pray for this Chaplaincy at a time of transition.

Sunday 9

Give thanks for our relationship with the Lutheran Churches of the Porvoo Agreement.  Pray for the Porvoo Contact Group and the Lutheran Church in Great Britain.  Pray for our partnership with USPG.

Monday 10

Prague: (Includes Brno) Chaplain: Nathanial Nathanial, Reader: Jack Noonan. Please pray for God's guidance for our council members as well as for both our congregations- in Prague & Brno that through witness & service we will proclaim His word.

Tuesday 11

Archdeaconry of France: Archdeacon: Peter Hooper. Pray for on-going work to have the Church of England officially recognised at a national level in France

Beaulieu-sur-Mer: Chaplain: Anthony Ingham.

Biarritz: Chaplain: Vacant. Pray for the on-going reflections as to how the Chaplaincy can be best supported by a priestly presence

Wednesday 12

Casablanca: (includes Rabat) Chaplain (Locum): Virgilio Fernandez

Tangier: Chaplain: Dennis Obidiegwu.

Thursday 13

Brugge, Knokke, Ostend: Chaplain:  Augustine Nwaekwe.  Pray for him in his additional role as BAME ministry adviser.

Friday 14

Florence: (Also serves Bologna) Locum Chaplain: Nick Fisher, Deacon: Giampaolo Pancetti. 

Genova: Chaplain: Tony Dickinson. Pray for preparations for the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the church's dedication by +Charles Harris, for fruitful participation in the Week of Prayer for Unity and for those who have moved away in search of work and all who have no regular employment

Saturday 15

Brittany: (Includes: Huelgoat, Ploërmel, Rostrenen) Chaplain: vacant, Readers: Laura Hillman, Robin Hillman, Alan Mason, Guy Barnard. Pray for faithfulness in worship, persistence in prayer, desire to learn from God’s Word and selflessness in supporting each other and for the continuing process of appointing a new Chaplain, for wisdom for the Diocesan members making clergy appointments in Europe post Brexit.

Cannes: Chaplain: Giles Williams, Readers: David Sinclair, Christopher Walley, Christine Williams. Please pray for this coming week of Prayer for Christian Unity as Holy Trinity Church takes part in the activities for the region.

Sunday 16

Pray for the Lusitanian Church, Bishop Jorge Pina Cabral. Pray for the Church of Denmark and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Estonia.

Diocesan Office in London: Pray for the Operations and Finance functions: Diocesan Secretary (COO): Andrew Caspari; Office Manager: Bron Panter; Finance: Susan Stelfox, Nick Wraight; Board of Finance Chair: Mike Fegan.  Pray for the financial needs of the Diocese (and give thanks for God’s provision).

Monday 17

Copenhagen: (Also serves Aarhus) Chaplain: Smitha Prasadam, Readers: Graeme Lloyd-Roberts, Peter Prasadam, Victoria Wadsworth.  Pray for Smitha in her additional role as BAME ministry adviser. Lord Jesus renew in us the eagerness to spread your gospel joy that all nations may know the beauty of  your peace and justice. 

Tallinn: Chaplain: Gustav Piir.

Tuesday 18

Chantilly: Chaplain: Sarah Tillett.  We give thanks for the commitment of members of our community who give open-heartedly and generously to the life of St Peter’s. Beginning the New Year with all the possible uncertainty of confinement’s and changes to the rules, planning ahead is hard. We give thanks for our Sunday services and pray for the health of everyone in our Church Community.  Pray for our Chaplain and her return after Christmas break.

Dinard: Chaplain: Vacant. Pray for the on-going work to rationalise the current complicated legal structures and for healing in the relationships that have been fractured during the process.

Wednesday 19

Barcelona: (Also serves Andorra) Chaplain: John Chapman, Assistant: Deborah Chapman. We begin our Anniversary Gala Year: it is 150 years since the first recorded baptism and we want to celebrate for the whole year – both in prayer and partying!

Nerja and Almuñécar: Chaplain: Nigel Thomas.

Thursday 20

Brussels: Senior Chaplain: Paul Vrolijk; Associate Chaplains: John Wilkinson, Jack McDonald; Asst Chaplain: Jean-Bosco Turahirwa, Asst Curate: Annie Bolger; Readers: Ozichi Baron, David Mitchell, Heather Roy, Grace West, Jacob Quick.

Friday 21

Malta and Gozo: (Includes: Valletta, also serves: Gozo) Chancellor of the Pro-Cathedral: Simon Godfrey, Assistants: Francois Mifsud, Peter Packer, Reader: Michael Collins. 

Sliema: Chaplain: Clem Upton.

Saturday 22

Algarve: (Includes: Almancil, Praia Da Luz, Tavira, Gorjões) Chaplains: Reid Hamilton, Robert Kean, Readers: Robert Kelly, Maureen Kyle, Fiona Mayes.  Pray for Robert in his role as Area Dean and prayers for those recently confirmed

Greater Lisbon: (Includes: Estoril, Lisbon) Chaplain: Elizabeth Bendrey. Assistant Iain Bendrey. Pray for our engagement with the Living in Love and Faith material, for our building issues and our outward face to the community. 

Sunday 23

Pray for the Spanish Episcopal Reformed Church, Bishop Carlos López-Lozano.  Pray for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.

Diocesan Office in London: Pray for the Safeguarding team: Grace Fagan, Lisa Welch, Bridgett Fenton, Laura O'Brien, Marie Addo; Pray for our care for children and vulnerable adults.

Monday 24

Helsinki: (Also serves Tallinn, Tampere, Turku, Kuopio, White Nile) Chaplain: Tuomas Mäkipää, Assistant: Amos Manga. Reader: Keith Battarbee. Pray for the chaplaincy of Helsinki and their work with the White Nile congregation, Urdu language ministry and the Turku Cathedral International Congregation.  Please pray for their ministers, volunteers, Sunday School teachers and children.  The chaplaincy asks for our prayers in deepening and widening their relationship with other local church groups, and for greater engagement with the Porvoo Agreement in Finland.

Tuesday 25

Fontainebleau: Chaplain: Vacant. We ask for your prayers for guidance, clarity and wisdom as we work on our vacancy pack.  We would also ask for prayers for the life of our chaplaincy post covid.

Grenoble: Chaplain: Nick Finlay.   Thanks for Bishop Robert’s recent visit, which saw 20 confirmations in our congregation. Pray that those confirmed will experience a closer walk with God day by day. Prayers for our plans for starting new Children’s work during 2022, that various members of the congregation will feel called to be involved. Pray for our Communications Group, as they review our website and our presence on various types of social media. Prayers for our Church Council, that they are able to prayerfully listen to God, as they work together to review our vision and plans for the year ahead.

Wednesday 26

Costa Almeria and Costa Calida: (serves Mojácar, Llanos and Aljambra) Chaplain: Vacancy, Assistant: Alan Bennett, Readers: Marge Gall, Tony Noble, Alywn Carter. Please pray for  Costas Almeria and Calida in vacancy from January. Pray for wise decision making and the finding of a new warden and PCC members. Pray for Fr Alan Bennet (Retired Priest) and Readers : Margie Gall, Alwyn Carter and Tony Noble and Church Warden Pam Carter as well as our Ordinand Gavin Sunshine. Pray for Fr Vincent Oram beginning his retirement.

Costa Azahar: Although the chaplaincy has closed we pray for the ongoing Prayer Group

Thursday 27

Ghent: (Also serves Ghent (Port)) Chaplain: Stephen Murray.

Belgium and Luxembourg Deanery: Area Dean: Stephen Murray.

Friday 28

Milan: (Also serves Cadenabbia (Lake Como), Varese) Chaplain: Vickie Sims, Asst Curate: Robert Morley, Locum (Lake Como): Roger Williams, Reader: Angela Mirani (Varese).  Pray: for maintaining our connections with one another and for a deeper congregational life; for those working on vaccines, those who have been ill, those who have been deeply affected by Covid and anti-Covid measures; for couples planning their marriage blessings at Lake Como this year; for Robert, in his diaconate year of his curacy and for Massimo, exploring his vocation to ordained ministry.

Saturday 29

Düsseldorf: (Also serves Essen) Chaplain: Stephen Walton. Please pray for the children of the church - lockdown has been very hard for them.

Freiburg-im-Breisgau: Chaplain: Vinod Victor. We pray for our newly licensed Chaplain, We pray for all administrative tasks. May all those doing them be granted patience, wisdom, acknowledgment and gratification.

Sunday 30

Pray for The Episcopal Church in Europe (TEC), Bishop Mark Edington.   

Pray for our partnership with ICS.

Monday 31

Corfu: Chaplain: Jules Wilson, Reader: Jackie Dallos. Give thanks that, through using Zoom we have developed a closer fellowship in worshiping together with our Reader Jackie and her group on the island of Lefkada and with our visitors from all over the world and that ecumenical opportunities with Catholic, Evangelical and Orthodox have continued developing. 



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