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Prayer Diary

This diary has been compiled to help us pray together for one another and our common concerns. The current section of diary shown below and that for the following months is available for download in PDF form here.



Tuesday 1

Aquitaine: (Includes Bertric Burée, Bordeaux, Condom in the Gers, Doudrac, Limeuil Haut, Monteton, Périgueux-Chancelade, Ste Nathalene, Sorges) Chaplain: Anthony Lomas, Assistants: Liz Morris, Charlotte Sullivan, Readers: Janis Adams, Sheila Marshall, Patrick Sturges, Michael Torne, Roger Verrall.

Pray for the ICS AGM today.

Wednesday 2

Archdeaconry of Gibraltar: Archdeacon Geoff Johnston. Give thanks for Geoff’s service as Archdeacon (and as acting Archdeacon of Italy and Malta) and pray for him as he retires from these posts. Pray also for the recruitment of the right person as Archdeacon of these two Archdeaconries.

Gibraltar Cathedral: (Also serves Gibraltar (Port)) Dean: Vacant. Pray for the recruitment of the right person as new Dean.

Thursday 3

Antwerp: Chaplain: Andrew Wagstaff, Reader: Egbert van Groesen.

Antwerp Mission to Seafarers.

Pray for North-West Europe Archdeaconry Synod (3-5 October)

Friday 4

Archdeaconry of Italy and Malta: Acting Archdeacon: Geoff Johnston.

Assisi: Locum Chaplain.

Bordighera: (served from Menton, France).

Saturday 5

Berlin: (also serves Dresden) Chaplain: Christopher Jage-Bowler, Assistant: Joachim Reich. Dresden: Ricky Yates (PTO) .

Bonn with Cologne: Chaplain: Michael Bullock, Assistant: Richard Gardiner.

Sunday 6 - Trinity 16

Give thanks for our relationship with the Lutheran Churches of the Porvoo Agreement. Pray for the Porvoo Contact Group and the Lutheran Church in Great Britain. Pray for our partnership with USPG.

Monday 7

Prague: (Includes Brno) Chaplain: Nathanial Nathanial, Reader: Jack Noonan.

Tuesday 8

Archdeaconry of France: Archdeacon Meurig Williams.

Beaulieu-sur-Mer: Chaplain: Anthony Ingham.

Biarritz: Chaplain: Vacant.

Wednesday 9

Casablanca: (includes Rabat) Chaplain: Medhat Sabry. Praise the Lord with us for the use of our new community centre for our Sunday Services – We have English speaking 9:30 & 11:30, Chinese Church 13:00 and French African Church 15:30!  Continue to pray for construction work on the expansion of the chapel which is happening now and over the next 3-6 months.

Tangier: Chaplain: Dennis Obidiegwu.

Thursday 10

Brugge, Knokke, Ostend: Chaplain: Augustine Nwaekwe. Pray for Augustine in his additional role as BAME ministry adviser.

Friday 11

Florence: (Also serves Siena, Bologna) Chaplain: William Lister, Deacon: Giampaolo Pancetti, Reader: Maria Makepeace.

Genova: Chaplain: Tony Dickinson. Pray for developing work with migrants of all kinds; growth in discipleship among those recently baptised and confirmed; success in finding the resources to enable us to conserve and develop the church building as a base for mission; Deacon Moses Adesina as he begins his new ministry in the Caribbean.

Saturday 12

Brittany: (Includes: Huelgoat, Ploërmel, Rostrenen) Chaplain: Robin Adams, Readers: Laura Hillman, Robin Hillman, Alan Mason, Guy Barnard.

Cannes: Chaplain: Giles Williams, Readers: David Sinclair, Christopher Walley, Christine Williams. Pray for our Alpha Course on Thursday evenings and our Sunday series studying 2 Corinthians; also our outreach and fellowship curry evening (19th).

Sunday 13 - Trinity 17

Pray for the Lusitanian Church, Bishop Jorge Pina Cabral. Pray for the Church of Denmark and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Estonia.

Pray for Simone Yallop, to be admitted and licensed as Reader today at St Mary’s, Twente by Archdeacon Paul Vrolijk and those to be confirmed at the same service by Bishop Michael Langrish.

Monday 14

Copenhagen: (Also serves Aarhus) Chaplain: Smitha Prasadam, Readers: Professor Ursula Sonnewald, Victoria Wadsworth-Hansen, Graeme Lloyd-Roberts, Peter Prasadam. Pray for Smitha in her additional role as BAME ministry adviser.

Tallinn: Chaplain: Gustav Piir.

Tuesday 15

Chantilly: Chaplain: Sarah Tillet.

Dinard: Chaplain: Gary Wilton . Pray for Gary as he settles in to his new ministry.

Wednesday 16

Barcelona: (Also serves Andorra) Chaplain: John Chapman, Assistant: Deborah Chapman. Pray for our new youth worker as she builds up a Youth Group and strengthens our youth to live for Christ in a city such as Barcelona. Give thanks and pray for all the links the people of the small congregation of St George’s Andorra have. They are principally served by Deborah Chapman, our Assistant Chaplain.

Nerja and Almuñécar: Chaplain: Nigel Thomas.

Thursday 17

Archdeaconry of North-West Europe: Archdeacon Paul Vrolijk.

Brussels: Associate Chaplain: John Wilkinson, Assistants: Fiona Simon, Jean-Bosco Turahirwa, Readers: Jennifer Le Jeune, David Mitchell, Heather Roy, Grace West, Arttu Makipaa.

Pray for Bishop’s Council meeting in Brussels (17-18 October)

Friday 18

Malta and Gozo: (Includes: Valletta, also serves: Gozo) Chaplain: Simon Godfrey, Reader: David Felgate.

Sliema: Chaplain: Clem Upton. Pray for Clem as he settles in to his new ministry.

Saturday 19

Algarve: (Includes: Almancil, Praia Da Luz, Tavira, Gorjões) Chaplains: Reid Hamilton, Robert Kean, Readers: Robert Kelly, Maureen Kyle, Fiona Mayes.

Greater Lisbon: (Includes: Estoril, Lisbon) Chaplain: Vacant. Give thanks to God for the three year ministry of Frank Sawyer and his family, who have returned to the States. Pray for the right person to lead and minister to these two congregations in the Lisbon Chaplaincy of St George´s and St Paul´s.

Sunday 20 - Trinity 8

Pray for the Spanish Episcopal Reformed Church, Bishop Carlos López-Lozano. Pray for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.

Monday 21

Helsinki: (Also serves Tallinn, Tampere, Turku, Kuopio, White Nile) Chaplain: Tuomas Mäkipää, Assistants: David Oliver, Amos Manga, Readers: Geoffrey Phillips, Keith Battarbee, John Mills, Emmanuel Eneh.

Pray for France Archdeaconry Committee meeting in Paris.

Tuesday 22

Dunkirk, The Mission to Seafarers: Chaplain: Phil Edell.

Fontainebleau: Chaplain: vacant.

Grenoble: Chaplain: vacant. Pray for a new permanent Chaplain. Give thanks for honorary Assistant Chaplain, Alan Golton (who is 90) who continues to help when needed and for our locum, Chris Martin, with us until Remembrance Sunday.

Wednesday 23

Costa Almeria and Costa Calida: (serves Mojácar, Llanos and Aljambra) Chaplain: Vincent Oram, Assistant: Alan Bennett, Readers: Duncan Burr, Marge Gall.

Costa Azahar: (Includes Alcossebre, Vinaros) Chaplain: Louis Darrant.

Thursday 24

Ghent: (Also serves Ghent (Port)) Chaplain: Stephen Murray.

Belgium and Luxembourg Deanery: Area Dean Stephen Murray.

Friday 25

Milan: (Also serves Cadenabbia (Lake Como), Varese) Chaplain: Vickie Sims, Reader: Angela Mirani (Varese), Summer Locum (Caddenabia): Roger Williams

Saturday 26

Düsseldorf: (Also serves Essen) Chaplain: Stephen Walton.

Freiburg-im-Breisgau: Chaplain: Christopher Parsons. We celebrate the goodness of God in all creation and give grateful thanks for the harvest along with our friends in the Old Catholic congregation in Freiburg. We pray that God’s healing spirit be felt in times of national and local days of remembrance and that we may continue to seek the reconciliation and forgiveness we observe as followers of Jesus.  

Sunday 27 – Last Sunday after Trinity

Pray for The Episcopal Church in Europe (TEC), Bishop Mark Edington. Pray for our partnership with ICS.

Monday 28

Corfu: Chaplain: Jules Wilson, Reader: Jackie Dallos.

Tuesday 29

La Manche: (Includes Gratot Hommëel, Virey) Chaplain: Vacant, Reader Mary Jackson.

Le Gard: Chaplain: Vacant.

Lille: (serves Arras) Chaplain: Debbie Flach, Readers: Paul Ellender, Suzanne Bray.

Wednesday 30

Costa Blanca: (Includes Albir, Calpe, El Campello, Dénia, Jávea, Gandia, La Fustera) Chaplains: Marcus Ronchetti, James Booker, Rodney Middleton, Donald Witts: Readers: Ken Cornforth, Stephen Carden.

Thursday 31

Leuven: Chaplain: Jack McDonald.

Liège: Chaplain: Vacant. Please pray for Annick, widow of recently deceased Chaplain Paul Yiend, and their children, as they mourn their loss. Give thanks for Paul’s life and ministry.

Mons International Chapel Centre: Chaplain: Senior Chaplain.


Friday 1 – All Saints’ Day

Naples: (Also serves Bari) Chaplain: Vacant. Pray for us to continue to grow as a congregation, in love of God and of each other, during the interregnum, and for God’s provision of our new Chaplain - preferably by May 2020!; for the ongoing (and increasing) ministry to the military community in Naples, especially the weekly prayer meeting in camp, the potential for weekly assemblies at the school and the development of a “post-Alpha course” follow on group; for the fund-raising and work required to repair the church roof, borne by a small and transient congregation.

Orvieto: Revd Francisco Alberca (The Episcopal Church)

Saturday 2

Monte Carlo: Chaplain: Lawrence MacLean, Readers: Mary de Vachon, Frank Megginson. Pray for the continued unity of our Church; for the community receiving our Harvest donations; for our Chaplain and his Family.

Strasbourg: Chaplain: Mark Barwick, Readers: David Cowley, Ozichi Baron and Catherine Emezie. Pray for St Alban's Ministry Team and its ongoing efforts to provide pastoral support and outreach, especially to children, youth and university students.

Sunday 3 – 4 Before Advent (All Saints’ Day if not kept on Friday)

Pray for the Greek Orthodox Church and for Leonard Doolan, the Archbishop of Canterbury's Apokrisiarios to the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece.

Monday 4

Greater Athens: (Includes Athens (St Paul) , Kifissia, Andros, Nafplion, Crete, also serves Thessaloniki, Patras) Chaplain: Leonard Doolan, Assistant (Crete): Bruce Bryant-Scott, Deacons: Christine Saccali, Julia Bradshaw, Reader: Sherry Angelis. Pray for Migrants stuck in Greece, for moving on and faster reunification and relocation; for the government as they seek to decongest the island hotspots and transfer refugees to the mainland and repatriate those who have been denied asylum; for humane and compassionately organised treatment of migrants throughout Europe. Pray for the Vision and Mission process the Crete congregation is undertaking through November, culminating in a Visioning Day on the First Sunday of Advent.

Tuesday 5

Lorgues with Fayence: Chaplain: Peter Massey.

Lyon: Chaplain: Ben Harding, Readers: Keith Burrell, Tim Evans,

Wednesday 6

Costa Brava: (Includes Madremanya, Pau, Sant Ampeli) Chaplain: Rachel Shock, Reader: Sharon Grant.

Costa del Sol West: (Includes San Pedro, Sotogrande) Chaplain: Adrian Low, Reader: Barry Mason. Pray for those fearing the outcome of Brexit on their lives here and for those deciding to return to the UK, leaving friends of many years; for the ten thousand who work in Gibraltar but live in our chaplaincy and cross the border daily, that they may be able to continue in their employment; For John and family, and Helen, in their journeys of discernment towards ordination; for our mission through worship leaders, Messy church and Sunday Schools; for the ecumenical work with our Methodist colleagues in the Gibraltar circuit.

Pray for Archdeacon Geoff Johnston who retires today, giving thanks for his ministry in the Diocese.

Thursday 7

Tervuren: Chaplain: Vacant, Assistant: Nathan Gregory, Reader: Patrick Lambert. Continue to pray for our vacancy situation, giving thanks for our volunteers who have taken on more and for the recruitment process.

Ypres (Ieper): Chaplain: Vacant. Pray for the church & congregation during our time without a regular chaplain, and for guidance for the group concerned with the search for and appointment of a new chaplain.

Friday 8

Padova: Chaplain: Amos Osaromkpe, Readers: Michael Udeagbara, Charles Onwukwe.

Sicily: (includes Palermo, Taormina, Randazzo) Chaplain: Vacant. Give thanks for Fr Russ Ruffino and his long-term locum in Palermo.

Saturday 9

Madeira: Chaplain: Michael Jarman. Pray for Michael as he settles in to his new ministry.

Porto: (Includes Ponte de Lima) Chaplain: Philip Bourne, Assistant: Robert Chavner, Reader: Judith Murray. Please pray for a positive response to the autumn Christian Stewardship initiative as St James’ Church seeks to encourage the giving of time, talent and money in order to secure a brighter future for English language ministry and worship in northern Portugal.

Sunday 10 – Remembrance Sunday / 3 Before Advent

Pray for Bishop Robert and Bishop David with their constant travelling. Pray for the Diocesan Office in London and all those who work there and for the Safeguarding team. Pray for William Gulliford (DDO); for those training for ordained ministry. Pray and give thanks for the work of the Friends (Secretary: Jeanne French)

Monday 11

Budapest: Chaplain: Frank Hegedus.

Zalaszanto: Associate Chaplain: Denis Moss.

Tuesday 12

Maisons Laffitte: Chaplain: vacant, Reader: Richard Medcalf.

Marseille: (serves: Aix-en-Provence and Oppède in the Luberon) Chaplain: Jamie Johnston, Assistant clergy: Patrick Cassidy, Malcolm Dodd, David Pickering and John Smith, Readers: Jane Quarmby, Christine Portman. Pray for Jamie as he settles in to his new ministry.

Wednesday 13

Costa del Sol East: (Includes Calahonda, Benalmadena Costa, Coin, Fuengirola (Los Boliches), Alhaurín El Grande) Chaplain: Nigel Stimpson, Reader: Caroline MacFarlane. Give thanks that our new Chaplain, Nigel, has settled in quickly and for his clear leadership qualities.

Fuerteventura: Chaplain: Bob Horrocks, Assistant: Judie Horrocks.

Thursday 14

Luxembourg: Chaplain: Geoffrey Read, Assistant: Evelyn Sweerts. Give thanks for the trial run of Grave Talk, a tool that enables conversation about death and dying; Pray for creative solutions to accommodate our growing children’s and youth ministries.

Friday 15

Rome: (Also serves Macerata) Chaplain: Robert Warren.

The Anglican Centre Rome in Rome: Director and The Archbishop of Canterbury's Representative to the Holy See: Ian Ernest.

Saturday 16

Hamburg: Chaplain: Vacant.

Heidelberg: Chaplain: Locum Clergy, Reader: Rosemary Selle.

Sunday 17 – 2 Before Advent

Pray for the Old Catholic Churches of the Union of Utrecht, Archbishop Joris Vercammen. Pray for the Evangelical Lutheran Churches of Iceland, Latvia and Lithuania.

Monday 18

Reykjavik: Chaplain: Bjarni Thor Bjarnason.

Riga: Chaplain: Vacant.

Tuesday 19

Midi Pyrénées and Aude: (Includes Alet les Bains, Brens, Cahors, Caylus, Tarn, Toulouse, Valence d' Agen): Chaplain: Dan Langdon-Griffiths, Assistant: Anthony Jewiss, Readers: Peter Gibbs, Janet Varty, Clive Billenness, Linda Billenness, Malcolm Rigley.

Wednesday 20

Ibiza and Formentera: (Includes Sant Rafael, Santa Eulàlia, Jesús, Es Caná, Formentera) Chaplain: vacant.

Thursday 21

Amsterdam: (Includes Amsterdam City Centre, Heiloo, Amsterdam Zuidoost, Amsterdam South) Chaplain: Alan Strange, Interim Minister (City Centre): Kerry Buttram. Pray for Kerry as he pastors the City Centre congregation and seeks to rebuild a community that has known tensions.

Amsterdam Community OZ100: Priest: Rik Florentinus.

Schiphol Airport: Mark Hafkenscheid and the chaplains’ ministry team.

Friday 22

Venice: (Also serves Aviano, Trieste) Chaplain: Malcolm Bradshaw. Pray for the Chaplaincy in Venice as it is about launch an appeal for €100,000.00 for the repair and renovation of St George’s church, Venice.

Saturday 23

The Touraine: (Includes Savigny-en-Veron, Tours) Chaplain: John Neal.

The Vendee: (Also serves La Chapelle Achard, Puy de Serre, La Chapelle Palluau) Chaplain: Hazel Door, Reader: John Matthews.

Sunday 24 – Christ the King

Pray for the Church of Norway. Give thanks and pray for our fellowship with the French Lutheran and Reformed Churches (Reuilly Common Statement). Pray for our partnership with CMS.

Monday 25

Norway: (includes Bergen, Drammen, Kristiansand, Oslo, Stavanger, Tromsö, Trondheim) Chaplain: Darren McCallig, Assistants: Kirk Weisz, Readers: Iris Evans-Bjørnø, Priscilla Beck, Susan Boyd.

Tuesday 26

Menton: Chaplain: Vacant.

Nice: (serves Vence) Chaplain: Peter Jackson, Assistant, Roxana Teleman.

Wednesday 27

Lanzarote: (Includes: Playa Blanca, Puerto del Carmen, Nazaret) Chaplain: Stanley Evans.

Thursday 28

Arnhem-Nijmegen: Locum Chaplain: Jos Strengholt.

Eindhoven: Chaplain: Francis Noordanus, Assistant: Barbara Noordanus, Reader: Jan Waterschoot.

Friday 29

Archdeaconry of Switzerland: Archdeacon: Adèle Kelham.

Basel: Chaplain: Hilary Jones, Assistants: Anne Lowen, Russell Hilliard, Mark Pogson, Mathias Kissel, Reader: Nigel Spencer. Pray for our Advent retreat today, our children’s Advent afternoon (18 December) and for our Christmas services.

Berne: Chaplain: Helen Marshall, Reader: Archana Jacob. Give thanks for our Junior Church, for teachers who have been involved for many years and for new teachers; for several new families who have recently joined our church. Pray for God's blessing on the children and their parents and for wisdom and energy in developing our children's work. Give thanks for those who work hard in leading our confirmation group and our 5 young people preparing for confirmation. Pray that they will grow in Christian faith and discipleship. Give thanks for our Eco-group and all the new ideas that are developing to help us live in a more sustainable way as individuals and as a church.

Saturday 30

Las Palmas (Gran Canaria): (Also serves Playa del Ingles) Chaplain: Paul Wignall.

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