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Downloadable Forms

These forms can be downloaded in Adobe PDF format unless otherwise noted.

Link to the Church Representation Rules

Link to the Canons of the Church of England

Clergy Wellbeing – Chaplaincy User Guides

A general introduction:  How we support chaplains

Preparing for a new chaplain

Welcoming a new chaplain & their family

How we run chaplaincies

Chaplaincy Accommodation and Transport 

General support principles

A very brief guide to a well run Chaplaincy Council


 Administration & Elections

Bishop's Permission to Assist in the Distribution of Holy Communion

CME grant request form (.doc)

CME guidance notes (.doc)

Confirmation Return (.doc)

Confirmation Return (.pdf)

Admission of Baptised Children to Holy Communion before Confirmation (.doc)

Diocesan Synod Standing Orders

Electoral Roll Form (.doc)

Electoral Roll Privacy Notice Template 2019 (.doc)

Finance and Giving

Gift aid form for one-off or occasional giving (.pdf)

Gift aid form for regular pledged giving (.pdf)

Bankers order form (.pdf)

Other General Information

Annual Review of Stipend (.xls)

Clergy Security

Getting the Message

Personal data GDPR

Guidelines for Retired Clergy

Mission Development Policy

Guidelines for Churchwardens

Preventing bullying and harassment in the Diocese in Europe

Diocese in Europe Capability Procedure for Office Holders - March 2020

Diocese in Europe Grievance Procedure for Office Holders - March 2020


Church Forms

Authorisation of a Congregational Worship Leader (.doc)

Policy in respect of Congregational Worship Leaders (.doc)

Extended Communion: Bishop's Guidelines

Extended Communion: Form of Service

Guidance Notes on Sabbaticals (.doc)

Inspection of Churches Guidance Notes

Policy Governing the Regular Use of Anglican Buildings by Other Churches and Groups (.doc)

Ecumenical Code of Practice 2019 (.pdf)

Ecumenical Code of Practice 2019 Part 4 (.doc)

Diocesan Logos

250 x 65 Diocese in Europe (RGB - Screen use)

550 x 145 Diocese in Europe (RGB - Screen use)

2480 x 650 Diocese in Europe (RGB - Screen use)

2480 x 650 Diocese in Europe (CMYK - High quality printing)

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